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Articles Nov-Dec 2020

Effectron Reinforces Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam College Auditorium with Adamson Sound, Barco Projection and Effectron Lights and Furnishing

The 2000-seat multipurpose auditorium at the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Government College in Daman, in August 2020 was installed with an impressive audio architecture from Adamson..... read more

Soundframe Gives LOTD an Exclusive Harman Professional Audio System Finesse

SoundFrame recently outfitted Lord of the Drinks’ Kolkata location with a complete Harman Professional Audio System to provide exceptional audio quality and coverage for its patrons..... read more

Neumann Home Studio Academy India Edition - In Conversation with Meghdeep Bose

Meghdeep Bose is a noted arranger, composer and music producer. In this exclusive interview with PT, Meghdeep talks about his collaboration with Sennheiser and Neumann for the Indian edition..... read more

Acoustics In Auditorium Design - by Vijay Purandare

How a room sounds and feels depends heavily on the specific acoustic properties of the materials in the room. For example, the acoustics of a concert hall are designed..... read more

Acoustic and Audio System Design for Small Rooms- Part 4 - by Rahul Sarma

In Part 3 of the series, Rahul spoke about the science behind absorption and diffusion..... read more

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Wharfedale Pro Now Shipping WLA-210XF System - IPX6 Certified Line Array System

Wharfedale Pro is now shipping their latest IPX6 certified line array system - the WLA-210XF.

Using the same custom-made Wharfedale Pro 10" drivers and the same 3.0" Neo compression driver as the acclaimed WLA-210X, the new WLA-210XF system can be used even in extreme weather conditions. Delivering up to 138dB Max SPL@1 meter, each WLA-210XF element is a powerful, all-weather solution.

The system is supported by the new dual 15” WLA-210XSUBF subwoofer. With a Max SPL@1 meter of 145dB, this sub also delivers the low end power needed for the array.

Both the WLA-210XF and WLA-210XSUBF are constructed of up to 18mm premium birch plywood, are covered in waterproof paint and use integral aluminium rigging hardware. Flat front grilles forged from 3mm aluminium also ensure long lasting looks and durability during system transportation and storage.

Wax wrapped components and an aluminium inner case protect the drivers and crossovers from water damage.  In addition, Neutrik NLT4 MP BAG waterproof connectors have been chosen to ensure the highest level of weather protection.

Both the WLA-210XF and the WLA-210XSUBF are supported within EASE.