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Step Inside the All New Mondosonic Studio

The all new Mondosonic Studio, located in Ottapalam, Kerela, is a custom Music Production Facility and Studio. With Recording Equipment, Workflows..... read more

Bishwadeep Conceptualizes Sound Design in the Box

Having spent most of his career in Song and Music Recording, Bishwadeep Dipak Chatterjee was constantly toying with the idea of getting involved in designing sound for films..... read more

Celto Acoustique

Established in 2011, CELTO Acoustique is a premium manufacturer of professional audio products for the events and install industry. Founder, owner and CEO - Arthur Felix first displayed his entrepreneurial skills at the age of 14 when he built..... read more

Acoustically OdBle

With Vijay Benegal and Mujeeb Dadarkar

Vijay Benegal and Mujeeb Dadarkar have between them more than 4 decades of extensive experience in the audio industry in India. They have done it all, from recording and mixing for ad films, to doing live sound for renowned artistes..... read more

All About Music, the Marantz Story

In conversation with Joel Sietsem and Alankara Santhana

Marantz has established a strong foundation in the industry with their High fidelity audio systems since the 1970s. Marantz designs products that have intricate detail..... read more

Acoustic and Audio System Design for Small Rooms - PART 6

By - Rahul Sarma, CEO, Menura Acoustic Labs in collaboration with Sound Wizard

We started this series with the definition of a small room, and went on to discuss wave interactions. We continued onto sound isolation, absorption and diffusion in parts 2 and 3. Parts 4 and 5 covered system design goals and finally how to optimize a system..... read more

Studio Showcase

If you had a sign above every Studio door saying ‘This studio is a Musical Instrument’ it would make such a different approach to recording.” - Brian Eno..... read more

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Cover Story

Top 30 Products 2021 – PALM Technology

Global Pro Sound & Light Technology

The year 2020 has taken all of us on a topsy-turvy ride. The COVID-19 pandemic completely shut down the world impacting every industry. The unexpected turn of events left the pro-audio, installation, lighting and DJ industry to re-invent and re-discover themselves. However, all was not lost. The industry found new and unconventional ways to launch their products making sure the market kept going on. We have put the trials of 2020 behind us and have entered a brand new year, with new beginnings and a new hope and new ways of working. Though the PT team could not zero in on the top 50, 2020 did see quite a few noticeable launches. Here is a list of the Top 30 products launched in 2020 in no particular order.

DPA Microphone 4097 Interview Kit

The DPA Microphone 4097 Interview Kit was designed keeping mind the pandemic and social distancing. The 4097 CORE Interview Kit delivers great sound in challenging situations. It’s a professional solution for professional broadcasters or for a team doing on-location interviews or when doing distance interviewing. It is a is a lightweight, easy-to-use, multi-purpose problem solver for a range of broadcasting situations – including interviewing as well as voice over work.

With its super cardioid polar plot, the 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Mic offers a highly-directional pick-up pattern as well as low self-noise and high sensitivity. The mic is capable of handling high SPLs, allowing it to deliver undistorted natural sound, even when users speak loudly. With a linear response, low distortion and an extremely large dynamic range, it sounds great no matter how challenging the environment. Increased directionality, combined with good off-axis rejection, allows the microphone to isolate what should be picked up while attenuating sounds from the sides and rear.

The 4097 Plant Mic has been built to the IP58 certification and can withstand harsh use as well as water, wind, dust, heat, cold and many other tough conditions.

Avid VENUE | S6L-48D Control Surface

When working with a large number of performers and channel inputs that require complex routing, S6L-48D provides the extended control and ease needed in a large-format control surface. It’s ideal for dual-operator workflows to handle large broadcast events and theater productions.

For live sound productions where quick access is paramount and sounds may be coming from any of thousands of sources, the 48D offers unmatched visual feedback and control. Broadcasters and theater programmers in particular will appreciate the sheer scope of channels that they can view and tweak. The 48D features 48+2 faders, and over 160 encoders making it the most hands-on digital live sound console in the industry.


The RIVAGE PM5 Mixing System packs undiluted RIVAGE PM power and performance into a lightweight, intuitive console that is surprisingly slim. The addition of a third display screen has made it possible to offer a more touch-centric interface in a compact, significantly lighter console that is easier to transport, setup, and operate in a wide range of venues.

The RIVAGE PM5 has a slim design that brings the touch-sensitive displays closer to the operator for incredibly smooth, comfortable control. This evolved console design also provides a closer connection to the performers on stage with improved sight lines that give the engineer a broader, more comprehensive view of the action.

The three 15-inch large, high-visibility displays present essential controls and information in one place in a clear, well-organized format, so the engineer can read and react to situations with maximum speed and efficiency.

Although it offers heavy-duty performance and features, plus a comfortably spacious interface, the RIVAGE PM5 weighs only 42 kilograms it can be easily carried and positioned by just two people.

Nexo ID14 & IDS108

The super-compact ID14 is available in touring and installation versions. The ID14 features a new powerful coaxial 4” speaker making it unique in its category. The ID14 enclosure uses a homemade Polyurethane shell resulting in a robust enclosure with exceptionally good sound quality and outdoor resistance.

The super compact ID14 measures 130mm wide, 130mm high and 120mm front to back, and uses a single coaxial 4-inch driver with 1.4-inch Neodymium HF. The Touring version is available in black, white or custom RAL colors and features a Magnelis steel grille and Speakon connectivity.

The he Installation version is available in black, white or custom RAL colors and features an acoustic cloth over the front of the grille and captive 2-core cable connectivity.

The ID S108 sub measures 305mm x 305mm x 305mm (12.0” x 12.0” x 12.0”) and weighs 8 kg (17,6 lbs), the partner sub for the ID14 uses a high efficiency bass-reflex design employing a long excursion 8-inch Neodymium driver.

The Touring version features one connection plate with two Speakon connectors and a front Magnelis steel grill. The Installation version is available in black, white or custom colors on request. Connectivity is made through cable gland and captive two core cables, ensuring IP54 protection, while the front grill is covered by an acoustic cloth.

Steinberg Cubase 11

Steinberg Cubase 11 brings endless number of new features and enhancements to its studio-grade audio and MIDI tools for composing, recording, editing and mixing. The Sampler Track in Cubase 11 has a new slicing mode that chops up the loops so they’re ready to play with just a click. There are two global LFOs available to add motion and a catch to sounds. The Scale Assistant is an excellent addition to the songwriting toolkit. All that needs to be done is set the song’s scale in the Key Editor and follow its lead, quantize a solo to the scale or play live. The Scale Assistant can also analyze the MIDI recording and suggest the right scale.  Cubase 11 allows to set a different side-chain for each band by making use of the multiple side-chain architecture of VST 3. Cubase 11 makes life easier with Global Tracks now able to be displayed in the Key Editor. With no need to leave the Key Editor anymore, this great visual reference will keep compositions moving along quickly and creatively.


The JBL Professional 104 Bluetooth Studio monitors draw inspiration from JBL’s legendary acoustic performance. They are acoustically optimized for desktop placement and feature a smooth off-axis response that allows for a wide sweet spot. This, in turn, helps create soundtracks with a confidence. The Bluetooth feature allows to stream compositions wirelessly and listen to mixes like any music-lover.

JBL Professional monitors are used by professional recording studios and musicians alike across the world. This Bluetooth Reference monitor comes with an innovative coaxial driver design that comes with a high-frequency driver aligned to a conical shaped woofer. The speaker cabinet’s well-moulded low-frequency port works well in conjunction with the driver and delivers impactful bass at any volume level.

The JBL Professional 104 comes with Bluetooth capabilities. This gives audio engineers the advantage of listening to their soundtracks over Bluetooth and simulate a scene that is similar to common listening situations. This helps them fix any issues and make their composition flawless.

Soundcraft Nano Series

NANO Series multi-channel analog mixing console is designed to meet various application requirements from live performance, studio recording and fixed installations. NANO Series has two models in its product portfolio: M16 (16 channels) and M24 (24 channels).

M16 and M24 offer all the functionalities required for live mixing and studio recording: 8/16 mono input channels with ultra-low noise discrete MIC preamp and +48V phantom power; 4 stereo input channels; each mono input channel equipped with 3-band EQ and sweepable MID; each stereo input channel equipped with 4-band EQ; 4 auxiliary controls; 12-segment output level meter; 2-track input routable to main mix, control room /headphones.

The built-in USB player supports MP3 playback and recording. 24-bit DSP processor provides up to 100 effect presets. Main mix out comes with a 7-band GEQ and an insert point.

M16 and M24 accommodate all the control and connection elements in a robust steel case and install connectors built from metallic materials of highest industrial standards. Compact and ultra-light build, cutting-edge design, and acclaimed SOUNDCRAFT artisanship make NANO an optimal choice for band gigging, studio recording or fixed installation.

Mackie SRM V Class

SRM | V-Class High-Performance Powered Loudspeakers are a whole new tier of SRM portable loudspeakers that aren’t just made to get the job done, but to get it done better than anything else with unmatched clarity, output, and control packaged into sleek, rugged enclosures.

The SRM| V-Class Speakers comes in 10”, 12” and 15” sizes. Mackie’s V-Class 2000W Class-D amplifier, Advanced Impulse DSP tuning, Intelligent Bass Management, high-performance transducers and custom SymX Horn gives the best performance and sound quality.

It comes with a SRM Mix Control built-in 4-channel digital mixer with Bluetooth, offers complete wireless control via the SRM Connect App. Users can also wirelessly link SRM V-Class speakers together for music streaming applications. Within the SRM Mix Control there are 5 different voicing modes that will each apply a preset response curve making the speaker optimized for that use. There are also indoor and outdoor modes that are applied alongside the application specific modes.

Ultra-efficient power combined with sophisticated protection and monitoring means the loudspeakers sound better and have unrivaled reliability. 

Adam Hall Maui 44 G2 Cardioid Column Loudspeaker

The MAUI 44 G2 is the flagship of the MAUI series column PAs and offers a 1,500 watts of total output (RMS) with a frequency response of 37 Hz to 20 kHz and a sound-level pressure of 132 dB (peak). With its outstanding sound properties and wide-ranging functions, this compact column PA is perfect for rental companies, musicians, small clubs, street festivals and permanent installations. The cardioid properties of the column elements and the possibility of creating a cardioid bass with an additional subwoofer further highlights the professional nature of this sound system. In the case of permanent installations or when providing sound for conferences, the TrueWireless stereo function enables two systems to be wirelessly connected for stereo reproduction. Bluetooth streaming in HD quality is no problem thanks to aptX and AAC Codec, while DynX DSP technology ensures distortion-free sound reproduction even at the very highest volumes. Another particularly user-friendly feature of the MAUI 44 G2 is automatic set-up recognition.

The MAUI 44 G2 is top-class when it comes to transportation and mobile use, assembly is quick and simple with no need for cables or stands.

Adamson CS Series

Expanding on the performance of the S-Series, the CS-Series provides a combination of onboard amplification and DSP, built-in networking with redundancy, and Milan-ready AVB connectivity. CS-Series loudspeakers share the same form factor and sonic signature as the S-Series, and all S-Series enclosures can easily be user-upgraded to CS-Series.

CS Rack products include Gateway, Bridge, Network Distribution System, and Power Distribution System. And CS software upgrades the ability to design, deploy, control, and monitor in both mobile and installation environments. The new suite is designed with a professional audio workflow in mind: move from design & simulation, through patch, control, metering, optimization, and system diagnostics without ever leaving the system.

The CS-Series consists of five full-range loudspeakers (CS7, CS7p, CS10, CS10n, CS10p) and two subwoofers (CS118, CS119), all using Class D amplification.

Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone

The MV7 Podcast Microphone is a hybrid XLR/USB microphone ideal for both entry level and experienced creators. The all-metal design of the Shure MV7 XLR/ USB mic is well constructed and it comes with a black foam windscreen to prevent plosives and gives it that “pro” feel. The only plastic on the unit are the touch controls for gain, headphone volume, and mute. With just a few taps, the touch panel control lets the user adjust the gain, headphone volume, monitor mix, and mute/unmute, with an option to lock customized settings.

On the undercarriage of the Shure MV7, is an XLR input, a micro USB port, and a 3.5mm headphone monitor input. The option of using XLR or USB gives the MV7 an edge since using more than one USB mic on a computer can get a bit tricky.

The MV7 dynamic microphone delivers versatility and control, flexible connectivity options, and high-quality audio in a sleek, compact design. Compatible with virtually any device or hardware, the MV7 is easy to integrate into an existing technology setup, whether creating content in a home studio or recording on-the-go.

Eve Audio SC3070

SC3070 is a high-resolution, tri-amplified near / mid field monitor optimized for precise midrange and powerful bass response, making it especially well-suited for applications where the complete skill set of a fully-fledged 3-way system is required, but where space is at a premium.

EVE Audio’s own Air Motion Transformer RS3.1 is combined with 4” midrange driver to give the SC3070 accurate and un-hyped transmission of high and mid frequencies. A 7” woofer driver rounds out the SC3070 by providing precise and powerful low frequencies. A high-quality analog/digital converter from BurrBrown (24bit/192kHz) converts the analog input signal supplied via RCA or XLR. The DSP ensures latency-free filtering and simultaneously protects the entire frequency range from overload.

This 3-way model achieves the outstanding mid-range reproduction of the SC407’s mid-high section with exceptional balance and low distortion over the entire frequency range, but in a much more compact cabinet. The SC3070 is the ideal solution for recording, mastering and home studios.

RME 12Mic

The RME 12Mic is a twelve channel remote controllable microphone preamplifier with no-compromise A/D conversion, integrated AVB and MADI connectivity, and a multitude of features designed to make it a perfect companion for any professional recording. Studio-quality conversion; remote controllable gains plus a multitude of additional functionality, makes it a perfect companion for any professional recording setup.

The 12Mic shines with an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio on all channels. All twelve front-facing XLR connections accept microphone and line level signals, whilst the first four connections also accept TRS connectors, with switchable high impedance (Hi-Z) for instruments.

Three optical ADAT outputs provide up to 24 channels of audio at single speed, or 12 output channels at 96 kHz sampling rate, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio interfaces. Any signal reaching the 12Mic can be routed and streamed over a network with fixed latency and guaranteed band-width - no switch configuration is required.

Waves FIT Controller for eMotion LV1

FIT is the ultimate hands-on control unit for the Waves eMotion LV1 live software mixer. This device has been co-engineered by Waves Audio and expert MIDI control manufacturer MIDIPLUS to offer live sound engineers intuitive tactile control of the world’s best live software mixer.

Waves FIT’s quick and efficient operation is made possible with 16+1 motorized faders, each featuring a bright display, as well as common controls like Mute, Solo, Select, and a multi-function rotary control.

Fader layers offer dedicated 1-8 layer switches for toggling between the 8 factory or custom layers in the Waves eMotion LV1 Live Mixer. 16 rotary controls can be set to control preamp gain or pan per channel with their label shown in the display, and the 16 Select channel toggles can be set to ‘USER’ mode to provide easy access to Mute Groups and user-assignable keys with their text labels displayed.

JTS USB Microphone JS-1USB

The JS-1USB provides excellent performance to both live and studio application. A one inch super thin 24K golden platted diaphragm together with a solid brass machined capsule assembly assures precise polar pattern, full range frequency response and high SPL capability. Advanced circuit design and finest available components offer low self-noise, exceptional transient response and transparent reproduction of an acoustic characteristic. Double brass windscreen prevents pop/EMI effectively.

The JS-1USB can be used for most general-purpose applications in studios, for broadcasting, film and television as well as it can be used as a main microphone for orchestra recordings, as a spot mic for single instruments, and extensively as a vocal mic for all types of music and speech. The microphone can also be used as a classical studio mic for soloists and background vocals, as an announcer’s mic for broadcasting, dubbing and voicer-over, for overhead miking drums or percussions and as a spot mic for wind instruments, brass and woodwind, strings (especially cello and double bass), piano, and percussion.

Telefunken TF11 Microphone

Designed and assembled by hand in the USA, the TF11 is a compact, cardioid only microphone that is versatile, portable, and dependable for all recording environments from home to studio to stage. The phantom-powered TF11 exhibits a beautifully open and detailed frequency response with exceptionally fast transient response, high SPL handling, and low self-noise.

The TF11 features a unique combination of circuit elements shared with other TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik designs. The CK12-style edge terminated capsule is a single membrane version of the capsule featured in the TF51. The amplifier is a unique proprietary take on the classic FET microphone amplifier similar to the M60, coupled with a custom large format nickel-iron core transformer made in the UK by OEP/Carnhill. Premium through-hole components include UK-made polystyrene film capacitors, Nichicon Fine Gold electrolytic capacitors, and a high-performance, ultra-low-noise JFET amplifier.

The TF11 FET microphone system has a deep and aesthetically blue color and comes with a Microphone Case, Shock Mount, Stand Mount, and Microphone Sleeve.

Austrian Audio Hi-X55 Headphone

The Austrian Audio Hi-X55 Headphones are designed for today’s contemporary music production. The Hi-X55 circum-aural closed-back headphones provide over-the-ear comfort as well as portability with the foldable hinge design. The metal parts guarantee long durability even under rough conditions be it on tour buses or studio.

The 44mm Hi-X driver features a ring magnet system that allows improved air-flow and the strongest magnetic field in its class. A double acoustic wall has been designed to achieve best damping results, and to support this and increase the comfort levels, the form factor of the ear pads has been rethought giving more room for the ears without enlarging the ear cups, thereby reducing fatigue from long listening sessions.

MX Peavey Versarray VK112 MKII Line Array

The Versarray 112 MKII Ribbon Driver Line Source Array module consists of a new 12” Neo Black Widow woofer combined a neodymium-based Peavey RD 2.6 ribbon driver in a cabinet with a highly flexible rigging system. Designed to provide modular coverage of small to medium venues, and intended for use with the companion Versarray Sub models, the Versarray 112 MKII offers extreme versatility and high-performance capability.

The flexibility of the Versarray system allows the use of 1 to 8 or more Versarray 112 modules in conjunction with anything from one Versarray 118 Sub to a pair of Versarray 218 Subs.

DiGiCo Quantum 338

Quantum 338 is based on seventh generation FPGAs with an entirely new system architecture. The console merges tried and tested workflows with immense processing muscle and bold innovation including a new dark mode.

The Quantum 338 is the next step in the DiGiCo Quantum range of consoles. Delivering 128 Input channels into 64 busses, with additional processing for Master busses and Matrices. The Quantum 338 brings advanced processing functions and an ultimately flexible workflow to a wider user base.

Quantum 338 puts a trio of 17-inch, 1000 nit, high brightness multi-touch screens, with both the meter bridge and soft quick select buttons displayed on each screen for quick, intuitive operation. In addition, 70 individual TFT channel displays join the floating Quantum chassis with 38 100mm touch sensitive faders laid out in three blocks of 12 fader banks plus two dedicated user-assignable faders, each with high resolution metering. The Quantum 338 has all the features needed for every scale of production.

DMI Klang

DMI-KLANG is the first hardware product after KLANG and DiGiCO joined forces. The FPGA architecture enables 16 immersive in-ear mixes for 16 musicians of 64 input channels single and double speed sampling rates at latency of a quarter of a millisecond.

Integrated into a DMI card it connects directly to the SDs internal audio stream without any additional hardware IO or overhead. Route any audio channel from the console to DMI-KLANG and return the mix to the Aux merge input. Mounted into a DiGiCo OrangeBox the DMI-KLANG can be connected to any console with e.g. MADI (Optical, TP, BNC), Optocore, Dante and many other available DMI expansion cards.

This unrivaled mixing capability makes DMI-KLANG the perfect companion for any monitor engineer who needs to deliver better mixes with lower levels to their artist.

L-Acoustics Contour XO IEMs

Contour XO in-ear monitors provide the perfect reference IEM for the L-Acoustics sonic signature on stage, at the mixing desk, in studio, or on the move. These highly-detailed high end in-ear monitors bring users intimately inside the music. Users will hear accurate, distortion-free reproduction of sound thanks to advanced technologies built to handle extreme dynamics and deliver the intense emotional impact of live music.

To mimic the contour and the dynamics of a concert, Contour XO integrates Soundrive, the latest technology from JH Audio. Both bass and treble elements are a cluster of four balanced armature drivers wired in parallel allowing high power, even in the very low and very high end of the spectrum without distortion.

Contour XO is made of premium milled resin shell offering pro comfort for frequent to intensive use. The L-Acoustics gold logo adorns Contour XO. A mesh design and shell in Pantone 426 C dark grey brown, matches the color of loudspeakers flown at prestigious live events around the world.

Neumann V402 Microphone Preamplifier

The V 402 is a state-of-the-art dual channel microphone preamplifier with an integrated studio grade headphone amplifier. Its transformerless circuitry is designed for maximum transparency and sonic purity. The V 402 is thus the perfect compliment to all Neumann microphones in order to unveil the true character of voices and instruments.

The V 402 is Neumann’s first-ever stand-alone microphone preamp, designed to preserve the integrity of the microphone’s sound image. It is designed for the highest degree of linearity and sonic purity and will capture the sound of electric guitars and bass guitars as well as other instruments without coloration or loss of detail. For easy monitoring the V 402 is equipped with a studio grade headphone amplifier ensuring superb monitoring quality at the recording stage.

Sennheiser MKE 200 on Camera Directional Microphone Capsule

The Sennheiser MKE 200 is an on-camera directional microphone capsule that brings presence to the voice with features like built-in wind screen and shock mount keep recordings sounding cleaner than ever before. Ideal for vloggers and videographers alike, this directional microphone will enhance the in-camera audio and bring clarity to recordings. The MKE 200’s integrated wind protection and shock absorption ensure the cleanest audio recordings possible while shooting videos on the move.

The mini-microphone is designed for easy on-camera use with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras as well as mobile devices, where it ensures clean and crisp audio and gives that professional touch to video clips. The MKE 200 features a compact, sleek design with a stylish finish thanks to a fully integrated shock-mount and built-in windscreen. Battery-free operation and a lightweight design allow for optimal gimbal performance.

Behringer Flow 8

The Behringer Flow 8 is an 8-Input Digital Mixer with Bluetooth Audio and App Control, with 60 mm Channel Faders, 2 FX Processors and USB/Audio Interface.

The new FLOW 8 EZ-GAIN function can monitor signals on one or all channels at the same time. FLOW 8 mixers offer full remote control from any Android or iOS device, giving users the freedom to go exactly where the sound is ideal for making any sort of adjustment.

All channels offer 4-band EQ, compression, as well as 2 FX and 2 monitor sends. All the monitor and main buses feature 9-band EQ and a limiter for preventing unexpected volume peaks on the speakers. FLOW 8 features two independent studio-grade effects engines, each with 16 presets for refining instruments and vocals with breathtaking effects sounds and depth. It also doubles as a 10 x 2 channel USB audio interface for capturing live performances, cutting tracks in your home studio, or hosting a podcast.

AMS Neve 8424

The 8424 console is designed to fit the needs of the modern hybrid studio where the speed of in-the-box workflow is enhanced with the ultimate sound quality of analogue outboard gear. Designed to be straightforward and accessible to all, this versatile and powerful desk provides a centralized platform with unparalleled connectivity, facilitating an ergonomic link between the linear analogue processing world of outboard gear, analogue synths and instruments, to the digital world of DAW workflow, software plugins and session recall.

The 8424 fits perfectly into many different applications. Whether a music producer or an artist with their own project studio, an owner of a small professional audio facility or a person in charge of an educational facility, this compact, budget-conscious desk delivers everything needed to record, mix, monitor and master music.

Alcons Audio CRMSC-SRIW/120 Loudspeaker

The CRMSC-SRIW/120 system is a 2-way passive-filtered full range loudspeaker, designed to meet all requirements of current and future immersive sound formats. Featuring the patented Alcons pro-ribbon driver technology, the CRMSC-SRIW/120 surround combines an exceptional clarity and intelligibility with an unusually high dynamic range, offering the most realistic linear sound reproduction possible at any SPL.

The CRMSC-SRIW/120 system, available with 4 or 8 ohms impedance, consists of one RBN202 pro-ribbon driver for HF and a vented 6.5” mid-bass for LF reproduction; the HF section has a 500 W peak power input, enabling a 1:16 dynamic range with up to 90% less distortion from 1 kHz to beyond 20 kHz.

The CRMSC-SRIW/120 is developed as an ultra-compact reference main / screen system or compact surround system in immersive sound-for-picture applications. It can also be used as full-range sound system in any installed audio application, where a very high-quality sound reproduction with inconspicuous in-wall or on-wall mounting is required.

JBL BRX300 Series

The BRX300 Series is a versatile line array for bands, DJs, rental firms, houses of worship and anyone who needs a compact, portable system that provides superior fidelity, high output and consistent coverage in a range of sound-reinforcement scenarios.

The BRX300 Series’ plug-and-play simplicity, built-in corrective signal processing, smart transport system and hassle-free rigging hardware makes the power of line array technology accessible to customers who are not trained audio engineers.

The BRX308-LA Line Array Element and BRX325SP Powered Subwoofer draw from JBL’s touring technologies to deliver wide coverage and class-leading SPLs while reproducing every sonic detail with superior depth and clarity, thanks to proprietary drivers that are engineered for maximum performance matched with the built-in amplifier.

NX Audio PX Speakers

The PX series is a compact speaker system comprising of 3 models, PX112 a 125W RMS single 12” Full Range Dual Cone speaker and a Piezo Horn Tweeter, PX212 which is a 250W RMS Dual 12” and PX115 250W RMS single 15” Speaker. The system is outstanding for its ability to handle the power at continuous loads with undistorted response and is ideal for small PA applications to complement the Rock Series of amplifiers.

The cabinets are fitted with heavy-duty handles to allow ease of transportation and a strong steel grille for speaker protection. A stand adapter is provided at the bottom for pole mounting. The speakers are housed in a Rugged Closed Box Enclosure made of 18mm Plywood with a premium Paint finish. The speaker system is ideal for small live music programmers, DJ’s and general PA applications.

Austrian Audio OC18 Microphone

The OC18 is Austrian Audio’s affordable large diaphragm microphone; a classic cardioid directional pattern with identical acoustic characteristics as the OC818.

The OC18 incorporates a pad with -10 and -20 dB settings and is implemented by reducing the polarisation voltage to the capsule, to protect the internal electronics from overload.

Engineered and manufactured in Austria, its high sensitivity and incredibly low self-noise means it can handle everything from a whisper to extreme SPLs without distortion, making it the perfect choice for studio, live and broadcast applications. As the unique ceramic capsule design is so consistent, the OC18 can be match-paired pair with ANY other OC18 or paired with ANY OC818 set in cardioid mode.

N-Labs X8D

The X8D is a 2-Channel 8000W power amplifier with DSP. It is ideal for Mid and High frequency, stage monitors, sub-woofers, cinema and FOH. The amplifier has a tunnel design to keep it cool from the inside with a special auto cutout feature in each channel which shuts down the audio in case of a short-circuit or wrong wiring. It automatically restarts again without resetting.  The unique TITR Circuit design is loaded with four special variable speed coil fans with high-density Radiator design used in Aviation which helps the amplifier to stay cool and stable for long-term usage.

The X8D can be used for a range of applications like Live sound, DJ system, road shows and rallies, installations and line arrays.