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Articles March-April 2021

Step Inside the All New Mondosonic Studio

The all new Mondosonic Studio, located in Ottapalam, Kerela, is a custom Music Production Facility and Studio. With Recording Equipment, Workflows..... read more

Bishwadeep Conceptualizes Sound Design in the Box

Having spent most of his career in Song and Music Recording, Bishwadeep Dipak Chatterjee was constantly toying with the idea of getting involved in designing sound for films..... read more

Celto Acoustique

Established in 2011, CELTO Acoustique is a premium manufacturer of professional audio products for the events and install industry. Founder, owner and CEO - Arthur Felix first displayed his entrepreneurial skills at the age of 14 when he built..... read more

Acoustically OdBle

With Vijay Benegal and Mujeeb Dadarkar

Vijay Benegal and Mujeeb Dadarkar have between them more than 4 decades of extensive experience in the audio industry in India. They have done it all, from recording and mixing for ad films, to doing live sound for renowned artistes..... read more

All About Music, the Marantz Story

In conversation with Joel Sietsem and Alankara Santhana

Marantz has established a strong foundation in the industry with their High fidelity audio systems since the 1970s. Marantz designs products that have intricate detail..... read more

Acoustic and Audio System Design for Small Rooms - PART 6

By - Rahul Sarma, CEO, Menura Acoustic Labs in collaboration with Sound Wizard

We started this series with the definition of a small room, and went on to discuss wave interactions. We continued onto sound isolation, absorption and diffusion in parts 2 and 3. Parts 4 and 5 covered system design goals and finally how to optimize a system..... read more

Studio Showcase

If you had a sign above every Studio door saying ‘This studio is a Musical Instrument’ it would make such a different approach to recording.” - Brian Eno..... read more

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Project Gallery


Recording & Mixing studios are behind the success of any great record and in a country like India where music is an important part of everyday life musicians have a host of options they can choose from. The music scene evolving in recent years, has given rise to new recording studios across India.

Here is a showcase of some studios designed by the best in the business equipped with the best in technology.


Riversound & Backwaters





System Specs:

Processor - 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5

RAM - 16GB 1866 MHz DDR3

Operating System - macOS Mojave

Pro Tools Version - Ultimate 2020.3.0

Sound Card - Avid HD Native


Avid Complete Plugin Bundle, Slate Digital Mix Rack,

Slate Digital Virtual Compressors, Soundtoys All Plugins Bundle,

Plugin Alliance Mixing and Mastering Bundle, Fab Filter Pro Bundle, Waves Bundle.

Mixer - Yamaha DM1000

Monitors - Genelec 1237A-SAM

GLM Kit with GLM 3.2.0 Installed

Pre Amps -

  • Avalon Vt 737sp Pair (Single Channel)
  • Manley Slam Stereo Limiter & Micpreamp (Dual Channel)
  • SL XRACK X-LOGIC (Dual Channel)

 Microphones -

  • Brauner Valvet
  • SE Electronics Gemini 2
  • Neumann KM 184 Pair
  • Shure SM58 Beta
  • Shure SM57 Beta


  • AKG M20X
  • HD 280 Pro




System Specs:

Processor - 3.6 Ghz Intel Core i9

RAM - 32GB 3200 MHz DDR4

Operating System - macOS Mojave Version 10.14.5

Pro Tools Version - Ultimate 2020.3.0

Sound Card - Avid HDX


Avid Complete Plugin Bundle, Slate Digital Mix Rack ,

Slate Digital Virtual Compressors, Soundtoys All Plugins Bundle,

Plugin Alliance Mixing and Mastering Bundle, Fab Filter Pro Bundle, Waves Bundle.

Mixer - Yamaha DM 1000

Monitors - Genelec 8250 A

Pre Amps - 

  • Manley VoxBox Pair (Single Channel)
  • Thermionic Culture The Earlybird 2.2 (Dual Channel)

Microphones -

  • AKG C414 XL II Gold Stereo pair
  • Brauner VM1
  • Shure SM 58
  • Shure SM57 Beta


  • HD 280 Pro
  • AKG M20X

Annapurna Studios



Dolby Atmos Premier Equipment List – SLS Items

  • Dolby SLS Cinema System 200 Full Range Bi-Amped Screen Channel Cinema Loudspeaker
  • Dolby SLS CS218XL Dual 18” Cinema Sub-Woofer 1200W/102dB
  • Dolby SLS CS115XL Single 15” Cinema Sub-Woofer 500W/98dB
  • Dolby SLS MA460C 12” Spherical Coaxial full-range ceiling, surround speaker
  • Dolby SLS CS1290S Single 12” LF, 5” Ribbon two-way passive side surround speaker
  • Dolby SLS CS1290C Single 12” LF 5” Ribbon two-way passive Ceiling Surround Speaker
  • Dolby SLS CS890C Single 8” LF 5” Ribbon two-way passive Ceiling Surround Speaker
  • Dolby SLS Speaker Brackets
  • QSC DCA 3422-230
  • QSC DCA 2422-230
  • QSC DPA 4.5-IN
  • QSC DPA 4.3-IN
  • QSC DPA 4.2-IN
  • 42 U Rack
  • 42 U Wiring
  • DSS 36
  • ATMOS Commissioning
  • Dolby CP750Z
  • DSP Crossover
  • Barco 2k12-C or Christie CP 2000ZX 2k Projector
  • Dolby IMS3000 Playback for SMPTE and INTEROP digital cinema packages
  • DAC 3202
  • Casio XJ-V110W LED Projector

Main Atmos Pro Tools HDX3 System

  • S6 M40 Custom Configuration
  • S6 M40 Master Touch Module with 12.1” multi-touch TFT screen
  • S6 Automation Module
  • S6 Fader Modules
  • S6 Process Modules
  • S6 Knob Modules
  • S6 Display Modules with 12.1 Hi-Resolution TFT displays
  • S6 Mater Joystick Module
  • S6 Master Post Module
  • Network Switch Large

Pro Tools HDX and HD Native Systems and Accessories

  • Pro Tools HDX Core with Pro Tools | Ultimate Perpetual License
  • Pro Tools HDX Core
  • Avid HD MADI
  • Avid HD I/O 8x8x8
  • Sync HD IO
  • Digidrid DLS: Pro Tools to SoundGrid Interface
  • NETGEAR GS108 V4-Port Switch
  • Mini-Digilink (M) to Mini-Digilink (M) 12ft.
  • Adapter: Mini-Digilink (F) to Digilink (M)
  • RME M-32 DA – 32 Channel
  • Rosendahl Nanosyncs HD
  • Pro Tools HD Native TB with Pro Tools | Ultimate Perpetual License

Speakers for Pre-Mix Room

  • SYS50 – Dolby SLS Cinema System 50 full-range passive screen channel cinema loudspeaker
  • Dolby SLS CS118XL Single 18” Cinema Sub-woofer
  • Dolby SLS CS890S Single 8” LF 5” Ribbon two-way passive Side Surround Speaker
  • QSC DCA-2422
  • QSC DCA-1644
  • 32U Equipment Rack
  • Dolby SLS Brackets for Surround Speakers
  • Dolby CP 750Z
  • DSS36 Speaker Management System/Digital Crossover
  • ATMOS Commissioning 

Pre-Mix 7.1.2 With Pro Tools HDX System

  • Pro Tools HDX Core with Pro Tools | Ultimate Perpetual License
  • HD I/O 16x16 Analog
  • Mini-Digilink (M) to Mini-Digilink (M) 12ft.
  • Adapter: Mini-Digilink (F) to Digilink (M)
  • Pro Tools | S3 Control Surface Studio
  • iPad – Touch Pad
  • NETGEAR GS108 V4 8-Port Switch
  • Waves Mercury Soundgrid Bundle
  • Atmos Production Toolkit
  • NHUDP + NHUX9 - Nugen Halo Upmix with 3D Immersive extension and Halo Downmix
  • Cargocult Spanner
  • FabFilter Mixing Bundle
  • Audio Ease Altiverb 7 XL
  • Lexicon PCM Total Bundle
  • Audio Ease Indoor
  • Antares Autotune 8
  • iZotope RX 6 Advanced
  • Ozone 8 Advanced
  • BenQ 24” Full HD Color Monitor
  • Promise Pegasus2 R4 8TB RAID Storage System
  • Avid qualified Sonnet Echo Express IIID Thunderbolt to PCIe 3 slot expansion chassis
  • Black Magic Intensity 4K PCIe

Island City Studios

The Press, The Bay & Madfingers




The Press
  • API 1608 Analogue Recording Console (16 channels 8 busses)
  • Universal Audio 4-710d
  • Focusrite ISA 428 MKII
  • Audient ASP 880
  • API 550A Eq
  • API 560C Eq
  • API 527 Compressor
  • Elysia Xpressor 500
  • Empirical Labs Distressor (Stereo Pair)
  • 1176 FET Compressor
  • Quested 212 Far Field Monitor System (Dual Sub)
  • Focal Twin Be (LCR) for Near Field 5.1
  • Focal 6 Be (Surround) for Near Field 5.1
  • Behringer Powerplay Personal Headphone Monitoring System
  • Orion 32 HD Converters
  • iMac Pro
  • Avid Protools HDX
  • Apple Logic Pro X



The Bay
  • API 3124V Preamp
  • Drawmer 1969 Vaccum Tube Preamp & Compressor
  • Avalon 737
  • Universal Audio Apollo 8 (Quad)
  • Genelec 8260A Mid Field Monitors
  • Dynaudio LYD 7 Near Field
  • Mackie Big Knob
  • Orion 32
  • Avid Protools Native
  • Apple Logic Pro X

Lambodara Studios




  • Main monitoring: Quested Q412D
  • Subwoofers: Quested QSB118
  • Near field: Barefoot MicroMain 26
  • Mixing console: SSL AWS 948
  • Software: AVID ProTools & Logic Pro X
  • Pre-amp: Neve 4081, Lexicon PCM & Chandler Limited TG12411
  • Interface: Universal Audio Apollo X16 & Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A
  • Equaliser: Manley Massive Passive
  • Compressors: Universal Audio UAD 1176, Dangerous Music & API 2500
  • Microphones: Neumann U87, Brawner MV1 & AKG C12VR
  • Cabling: Sommer Cable

Stained Class Productions




Microphone Locker:

  • Austrian Audio OC818 x2nos.
  • AKG C414 x2nos.
  • Aston Stealth x1no.
  • Aston Starlight Stereo Matched Pair x1set.
  • Beyerdynamic M 88 TG x2nos.
  • Beyerdynamic TG D71c x1no.
  • Beyerdynamic TG 150d x1no.
  • EIKON DM800 x3nos.
  • RØDE NT1A x2nos.
  • Sennheiser e840 x1no.
  • Sennheiser e835s x1no.
  • Sennheiser e602 mkII x2no.
  • Sennheiser e604 x4nos.
  • Sennheiser e614 x2nos.
  • Sennheiser e609 x2nos.
  • Shure SM57 x2nos.
  • Sontronics SOLO x3nos.
  • Telefunken TF39 x1no.
  • Telefunken M80-Black x1no.
  • Telefunken M80-SH x1no.
  • Telefunken M81-SH x1no.

Guitar Amplifier:

  • Blankenship Amplification 50W Head
  • 2x12 Blankenship Amplification Cab

Drum Kit:

MAPEX Black Panther Velvetone 5-Piece

  • Kick - 22”x18”
  • Rack Toms - 10”x8” & 12”x9”
  • Floor Toms - 14”x14” & 16”x16”

MAPEX Black Panther Phat Bob Snare Drum - 14x7” (12mm Maple shell)

Cymbals: Zildjian K Custom

  • 14” Hi-Hats
  • 16” & 18” Crash
  • 20” Ride

Outboard Gear:

Analog Recording & Mixing Console: (88In/48Out)

  • Trident 88-32

Interface: (40In/48Out)

  • MOTU 16A x2nos.
  • MOTU MONITOR 8 x1no.

Backup Interface + Mic Pre: (24In/14Out)

  • MOTU 896mk3 x1no.
  • MOTU 8PRE x1no.
  • MOTU TRACK16 x1no.

Microphone Pre Amplifiers:

  • Warm Audio WA273-EQ x1no.
  • Warm Audio WA-412 x1no.
  • Warm Audio TB12 x1no.

Dynamic Signal Processors:

  • Warm Audio WA-2A x2nos.

 Monitor Speaker:

Near-Field (Stereo Setup):

  • ADAM A5X x1 pair
  • ADAM Sub8 x1no.

Digital Realm:


  • REAPER 6
  • Logic Pro X

* DSP Accelerators:

  • Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite (TB2-Quad Core) x1

* Control Surface:

  • PreSonus FADERPORT (2018)
  • Touch OSC (iPad)

* MIDI Keyboards:

  • Novation IMPULSE 61

Studio H


Studio A
  • Quested Q412 speakers + QSB118 subwoofers + V3110s surrounds in a 7.1 (4 ways) system
  • ATC 45 Pro mid field stereo system
  • Euphonix Fusion 5 desk with 32 faders
  • Zaor studio furniture
  • SSL XLogic Superanalogue Recording Channel
  • Millennia HV-3R eight-channel mic preamp
  • Drawmer 1960
  • Manley Voxbox x 2
  • Warm Audio WA76 limiter x 2
  • Manley stereo Variable MU limiter-compressor
  • SSL G series mixbus compressor
  • Distressor compressors x 2
  • DBX 160A compressors x 4
  • Lunch box API 500V
  • Manley Massive Passive EQ
  • Chandler Limited EMI TG12345 Curve Bender
  • Avalon Vacuum Tube Vt 737sp
  • TC electronics M3000 - Studio Reverb Processor
  • Lexicon PCM96 Surround processor
  • TC Electronics D-Two Digital Processor
  • TC Helicon Voice works
  • Aphex Compellor - Aural Exciter
  • SPL EQ Magix
  • TC Electronic System 6000

Studio B
  • Quested Q212 speakers + QSB118 subwoofers in a stereo system
  • ATC 20 Pro monitors in a 10.1 Auro 3D setup
  • Avid S3 and Dock systems
  • Zaor studio furniture

Central shared machine room with:

  • Digidesign full Pro TOOLS HD X with HD Euphonix MA 703 MADI interfaces
  • Rosendahl clock
  • Prism Sound ADA-8XR converters
  • Dolby CP750
  • Ashly ne4400 DSP
  • Quested amplification and DSP for all the rooms