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Articles July-August 2023

The Accidental Lighting Designer New!

Lloyd Albuquerque, in a conversation with PALM Magazine, reveals his foray and plans as the go-to "light guy" in the pro lighting industry. read more

Articles July-August 2023

The Future Of AV Is Virtual New!

This year's AV-ICN Expo introduced visitors to a reality that is equally virtual and tangible through a walkthrough with VR headsets. read more

Articles July-August 2023

Epson Captures Big Screen Mapping Projector's Demand at AV-ICN Expo New!

Yoshino San shared Epson's strategy, purpose, and exhibit display theme at AV-ICN expo with Chopra San. read more

Articles July-August 2023

Post Show Review: 11th PALM Sound and Light Awards New!

PALM Sound & Light Awards honoured deserving individuals and companies from the pro sound and lighting industry in its 11th edition. read more

Articles July-August 2023

AV-ICN Expo's AV Architect of the Year New!

In a dramatic moment at the 11th PALM Sound & Light Awards, Founder Anil Chopra announced Kelvin Ashby-King the 'AV Architect of the Year' 2023. read more

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SnL Pro - first rental companY in India to purchase two AVID VENUE S6L consoles

The VENUE S6L launched a year ago has quickly risen on the popularity graph across the global live sound fraternity. Not far behind global counterparts, the Indian market too welcomed its first VENUE S6L system, as rental market leaders Sound & Light Professionals (SnL Pro) confirmed the purchase of two comprehensive (all-options included) packages of the VENUE S6L live mixing system, thereby asserting themselves as apparently the only rental outfit in all of Asia to own two units of the VENUE S6L.

SnL Pro has been one of the leaders when it comes to the acceptance and implementation of future ready technology, and with the purchase of the VENUE S6L consoles, SnL Pro have added a new paradigm of unparalleled dexterity and power to their arsenal equipping them to reinforce any live event, irrespective of how massive the scale may be.

Manish Mavani - Director SnL Pro, shares, "We've been in the industry for the last 20 years and we've grown with the times, always keeping abreast with the latest tech, while ensuring that we continue to keep our dedicated patrons happy through delivering top notch audio reinforcement services. Our clients have always been pleased with the quality that we've delivered".

Manish goes on to explain why SnL Pro's purchase decision of the AVID S6L was special and unique, "One can't deny that AVID has always come out with great technology in their products - especially the VENUE series of consoles. It is accepted world-wide that almost every VENUE console delivers more than any of its class competitors, which actually points to the company's passion for delivering highly evolved products.

I believe this is an amazing thing in itself. And speaking about highly evolved and amazing things, they've just stolen the prize with the VENUE S6L really. The outstanding set of features, the build quality, the amazing power and dexterity, yet being so simple and well defined. So yes, these technological aspects that made the VENUE S6L ineludible, and eventually undeniable. And to fully experience the features of the S6L it made complete sense to invest in the second console. We're extremely glad we got to it!"

Manish shares that SNL Pro's new VENUE S6L consoles have already been deployed to action for a few large scale private events that the company has commissioned in the recent past, and that the feedback from his team about the performance of the console has been extremely positive.

With Bangalore based dynamic and energetic ANSATA Computer Systems as their authorized distribution partners in India, AVID has experienced great success in the live and touring sound realm with the VENUE Series of consoles, having reached over 300 customers across the Indian market in a very short span of time. And a great deal of this is mainly due to the kind of sales and post sales service and support value that the company delivers, which definitively adds to the value proposition of AVID products across the board. Manish reinforces this point as he stresses on the importance of ANSATA'S presence in the purchase process as he quotes, "The fact that AVID are represented by ANSATA - a company that has always been a pleasure to deal with; be it the great range of products that they represent or the amazing sales experience or the absolutely impeccable quality of service and support that they render. Our relation with Ansata goes way back, and with the prompt service that we have always experienced, it was literally a no brainer for us to know that we were doing business with the right company and the right people. In addition to the impressive pre-sales and sales experience, the training support that Ansata provided, was absolutely amazing. The sessions at the warehouse and also on site were extremely educative and engrossing, which thereby assured the engineers of all of the board's new features. And credit for all of this goes to Neil and Mahesh of team Ansata. I think it's absolutely important for a brand to be represented by good people who are passionate about good work, and I think ANSATA have been exactly that for AVID. So yes, that was definitely a huge decisive factor in this entire process”.

Leslie Lean of ANSATA Computer Systems reciprocates the appreciation as he quoted, Wrth the purchase of two full blown Avid VENUE S6L systems, SnL Pro is poised to set a new benchmark in the live sound rental market in India. This purchase will help Manish and his team meet the challenges of the most demanding live sound productions, and deliver the best possible sound quality while enjoying the familiar VENUE workflows with total show file compatibility. We're extremely happy to note that the entire team at SnL Pro having raving reviews about their new VENUE S6L consoles, and we wish them the very best to come."

Bruce Rodericks - chief audio shares experiential feedback of the console saying, "The gain tracking features are mind blowing and the fact that with the amount of DSP the console comes with - you know it's absolutely future ready."


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