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Articles September - October 2023

Capturing The True Essence Of Sound New!

From Lewitt Audio's Pure Tube Microphone to Sennheiser's Profile USB Microphone, these studio microphones offer precise audio quality to the users and deliver crisp, clear sound. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Photo Feature: Studio Showcase New!

From A.R. Rahman's studio in Mumbai to composer Raag Sethi's first Dolby-compliant studio in Gujarat, PALM Expo Magazine's Studio Showcase features the latest studios in India. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Mastering The Art Of Sound With Donal Whelan New!

Whelan talks to the PALM Expo Magazine Team and discusses his foray into the world of mastering, his unique experience at the PALM Conference 2023, and more. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Nx Audio Celebrates Two Decades Of Pro Audio Journey New!

Nx Audio completes 20 years of delivering pro audio products for the Indian pro sound industry. Read about Nx Audio's journey over the last two decades. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Mumbai Studio Explores New Verticals With Genelec Monitors New!

The combination of Genelec Smart Active Monitors and digital audio interface delivered an ideal monitoring solution for BOING Recording Studios. read more

Articles September - October 2023

IRAA Awards 2023: Jury Reflections New!

Read about IRAA Jury's perspective on the bigger questions in the music industry - AI for music production, the status of mega consoles, & emerging trends in sound recording & mixing. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Gray Spark Audio Opens New Studio For Academy Students New!

PALM Expo Magazine Team talks to Ronak Runwal to explore how the newly-designed Studio D is poised to become a recording haven for the academy students. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Firdaus Studio: Building A Sonic Paradise For Recording Artists New!

The Firdaus Studio by A.R. Rahman stands as a beacon of innovation in the music production industry. PALM Expo Magazine explores the making of the musical maestro's magnus opus in the recording landscape. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Naveen Deshpande Elevates Stand-Up Comedy with Bespoke Lighting Designs New!

Naveen Deshpande, a renowned lighting designer, made heads turn through his recent collaboration with India's leading stand-up comedian, Zakir Khan, during the latter's international tour. read more

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The last 12 months have seen a revolution in pro audio, lighting, DJ Gear and installation. With new gear, equipment, and companies bringing in new technology, the industry is opening up to new possibilities delivering Made in India products within budget.

Moving into the next decade there is much more than ever that is still left to the imagination. We are excited to see what 2020 holds for the industry, but for now let’s look at the Top 50 products launched in 2019.

PALM Technology has put together a comprehensive list of new products launched in the pro audio, lighting, installation, and DJ industry. In no particular order, PT does not define the list.

Audiocenter L65+L65s

L65+L65S column system

The L65+L65S column system from Audiocenter’s revered L-series offers an enormous 3600 watts of power with a frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz and a maximum sound-level pressure of 134 dB (peak).

The L65 passive full-range column speaker comprises six units of 5” custom-made Audiocenter ferrite drivers and four units of 1” custom-made Beyma ferrite drivers, all of which are designed with sophisticated measurement and arranged elaborately by physical calibration technology Phycal to improve vertical acoustic beam coverage; with the loudspeaker unit offering a horizontal coverage angle (symmetrical) of 110˚ and vertical coverage angle (symmetrical) of 10˚. Additionally, the ETE waveguide system developed by Audiocenter works in perfect harmony with customized horn design to provide accurate horizontal coverage and ensure well-balanced clear sound.

The L65S subwoofer offers frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz(±0.5dB) through a single customized 18” Audiocenter ferrite driver; powered by an ultra-efficient Class-D amplifier, with an in-built high-performance 24-bit/96 kHz custom DSP providing unparalleled control over the entire system through functions like volume control (total system and individual for subwoofer), delay, EQ, crossover, phase alignment etc. for precision adjustment, reliable operation and distortion-free audio at all levels.

Nx Audio Hawk-15DSP

Hawk-15DSP portable speaker

The new Hawk-15DSP from NX Audio is an ultra-efficient, ultra compact and lightweight active 2-way 1100W 15” portable speaker system with DSP which features a Class-AB amplifier that powers the 1.75” compression driver, while an efficient Class-D amplifier powers the 15” long-excursion woofer (with a 2.5” voice coil) which combine for a frequency response of 46 Hz to 19 kHz with a maximum SPL of 136 dB and 90° x 60° dispersion.

The high-performance DSP module allows for easy sound customization, with the graphic backlit display providing access to select and choose from several sound programs and edit the sound character. Separately controllable inputs allow users to connect a microphone, a mixer, an instrument, or a player; and on both input channels users can connect a cable with XLR or 6.3 Jack connectors.

The HAWK-15DSP from NX Audio is well-suited for FOH and monitor applications, delay lines, portable PA systems, and fixed installations.

Allen & Heath Avantis

Avantis digital mixer

Avantis is a 96 kHz digital mixer by Allen & Heath based on XCVI FPGA engine. Avantis puts next-generation technology in a 64 channel / 42 configurable bus console, with dual Full HD touchscreens, a super-flexible workflow with Continuity UI, extensive I/O options, add-on processing from our flagship dLive mixing system, and a rugged full metal chassis.

The console also provides a highly configurable FastGrab tab on the right-hand side of each screen, offering another way to quickly and easily access control of aux sends, EQ, compressor and FX on the currently selected channel or spot channel. Also onboard are 16 DCA groups (with spill functionality) and eight mute groups. Automatic Mic Mixing (AMM) of up to 64 microphone sources can be distributed to 1, 2, or 4 zones, and it’s capable of running in classic gain sharing mode or optionally as a NOM (number of open microphones) algorithm.

Avantis is loaded with processing tools designed to meet the demands of most users and applications, including compressors, EQs, and Allen & Heath’s acclaimed RackExtra FX units (12 slots).


Stage 230W Entertainment Lamps

NEOLUX offers high-pressure discharge lamps that provide high luminance and brightness for entertainment fixture applications. The Stage Entertainment Lamps are lightweight and compact reflector lamps suited for small moving heads. The lamps are available in three different variants: NEOLUX STAGE 230W, NEOLUX STAGE 280W, and NEOLUX STAGE 330W. The burner design allows any burning position and offers high luminance and brightness.

Engineered by R&D teams in Germany, NEOLUX lighting products are tested throughout the production process and certified to a number of German and international standards such as RoHs, REACH and ISO.

Avid S1

S1 Audio Control Surface

Avid S1 gives hands-on control of audio and video software. Together with the free Avid Control app on iPad or Android tablet, it provides great ergonomic efficiency, easy touch workflows, and Avid S6-style metering and processing views.

Avid S1 fits easily between display and keyboard, and packs a lot of mixing power. From motorized faders and knobs, to fast-access touchscreen workflows and Soft Keys to perform complex tasks with a single press, S1 provides the speed and versatility to accelerate any music, audio post, or video project.

S1 is powered by EUCON, giving full touch and tactile access to a host of Avid and third-party software functions and controls. Switch between multiple applications—and workstations—at the touch of a button, providing the most fluid editing and mixing experience.

Connect multiple S1 units together to create an extended, fully integrated control surface that provides more tactile control to handle larger mixes.

DPA 2028

2028 vocal microphone

Perfect for everyone from indie artists to international touring singers, the 2028 mic is ideally suited for live stage performances, broadcast and pro AV applications.

The 2028 has been cohesively designed to provide the same sound as the brand’s flagship handheld mic, the 4018 VL. The 2028 features a brand-new fixed-position capsule, as well as a specially designed shock-mount and pop filter. It exhibits a supercardioid polar pattern, with the famous DPA uniform off-axis response. This gives the microphone a very high-gain-before-feedback and makes it easier to handle bleed from other instruments in close proximity, picking up sound in a natural way. 

With the expected wear-and-tear that comes with live performances, both the outer grille and the inner pop filter of the 2028 can be detached and rinsed. The 2028 is offered in three variants; a wired XLR with handle and two wireless mic configurations that are compatible with the industry’s most widely used wireless microphone systems.

RME Babyface Pro FS

Babyface Pro FS

Babyface Pro FS is an updated version of the compact USB audio interface Babyface Pro. The Babyface Pro FS offers the full SteadyClock FS circuit as in the ADI-2 Pro FS for lowest jitter and highest jitter immunity.

The new RME Babyface Pro FS is created from a single block of aluminum with specially designed analogue and digital circuits.

The Babyface Pro FS also includes the powerful digital real-time mixer TotalMix FX. It allows fully independent routing and mixing of input and playback channels to all physical outputs. Independent stereo submixes plus a comprehensive Control Room section offer unrivalled monitoring capabilities and unsurpassed routing flexibility. TotalMix Remote enhances the power of the Babyface Pro FS by enabling remote control via iOS, PC or Mac. The Babyface Pro FS can be controlled directly from another computer on the same network, including over Wi-Fi.

iZotope Dialogue Match

Dialogue Match EQ module

Dialogue Match is a Pro Tools AudioSuite plug-in that learns the reverb, EQ, and ambience data of a dialogue recording. It can then apply the profile to any other dialogue recording, giving your scene audio consistency across multiple environments. Dialogue Match is intended for re-recording mixers who deliver the final sound mix for films and television programs.

Dialogue Match uses iZotope’s powerful EQ matching mechanics in order to produce a comprehensive replica of your reference file’s spectral profile. By analyzing the reflections in audio files, Dialogue Match instantly generates a matching reverb preset to place both files in the same virtual space. It leverages the power of RX’s ambience matching technology to capture and create a more comprehensive profile of your dialogue recordings.

Dialogue Match can also be customized according to preferences. Advanced controls for each of the three modules can be displayed or hidden, allowing to quickly access any feature. A fully resizable and collapsible UI allows to further customize the Dialogue Match plug-in window to fit post production workflow.

d&b audiotechnik A-Series Array

A-Series Array loudspeaker

The A-Series augmented array loudspeakers from d&b audiotechnik are specifically designed for medium scale applications. Combining variable splay angles, two approaches to acoustic optimization, and advanced waveguide design, the A-Series addresses applications where coverage flexibility in both the horizontal and the vertical is paramount.

Realizing all the adaptability of a point source cluster with the extensive control options of a d&b line array, the system comprises the AL60 and AL90 loudspeakers, with ALi60 and ALi90 offering cabinets designed specifically for permanent installation.

Using the appropriate frame, up to four AL60/AL90 and ALi60/ALi90 loudspeakers can be flown either in vertical or horizontal arrays.

Variable splay angles between adjacent cabinets can be set in five degree increments from -10° to +10° allowing the finest of adjustments and ensuring sound is directed precisely where it is wanted.

The A-Series is compatible with a range of d&b amplifiers and subwoofers so that the system in its entirety can be tailored to meet specific application needs.

Ahuja ZXA-500DP

ZXA-500DP dual channel amplifier

The ZXA-500DP is a 500W rated dual channel power amplifier unlike any other amplifier available in the sense that it offers fidelity of a power amplifier with versatility of a mixer amplifier. Fan Cooled, ZXA-5000DP delivers 180 watts of clean power on each zone making it suitable to drive 4 X 90 watts or 4 X 60 watts wall speakers. The fully loaded amplifier is equipped with user- friendly features like Microphone Input (with switchable priority over other inputs), Bluetooth Connectivity, MP3 Playback & Recording through USB & SD Card, Digital FM Tuner and RCA inputs to connect auxiliary source like Mobile, Ipad, Laptop etc.

AHUJA ASX & SMX series 2-way wall speakers driven by ZXA-500DP, supplemented by 12” active sub-woofer SUB-300A is an ideal combination for sound reinforcement applications at venues like Small Banquets, Pubs, Lounges, Cafés, Dance Studios, Gymnasiums and even Living Rooms.  Smart looks coupled with smart features have made ZXA-500DP a runaway success in the first year of introduction itself generating high excitement and even higher sales.

Yamaha Stagepas 1K

STAGEPAS 1K portable PA system

The STAGEPAS 1K is an all-in-one portable PA system that allows to quickly and easily transform any location into a stage. Delivering professional level audio performance with a setup so simple it enables aspiring artists to focus on their music and get the most out of their performances.

The STAGEPAS 1K surpasses most other portable PAs with the highest standard of sound quality and sound pressure, lightweight cabinet design, professional mixing functions, and simple operability. By adopting a concert-quality mixer and speaker, YAMAHA has defined a new standard for portable PA by utilizing the company’s unique experience and know-how developed over decades of producing innovative, professional audio equipment from every stage of music engineering and production.

The STAGEPAS 1K comes equipped with sound adjustment features, including 1-knob EQ to perform multiple EQ processes simultaneously, and MODE which allows to adjust optimized compression settings like “Speech” or “Music” to match various applications.

A 1000 W amplifier drives the array speaker with 10 small-diameter 1.5” units, as well as a class-leading 12” subwoofer. The 170° horizontal and 30° vertical coverage area delivers consistent performance over long distances, projecting uniform, high-quality sound from the front to the rear of the audience.

NEXO P12/L15 Series

P12/L15 Series Loudspeaker

The P12 is an ultra-versatile multi-purpose loudspeaker, bringing ingenious technical innovation to a wide range of short-throw sound reinforcement applications. Dispersion characteristics can be changed in seconds through the addition of optional magnetic horn flanges, optimizing the P12 for a wide range of applications.

The P12 employs a purpose-designed 12-inch LF Neodymium driver and 3-inch diaphragm HF driver in a coaxial configuration. Specially designed in a footprint to match the P12, the L15 is the perfect partner sub in flown and pole-mount applications, and for use as a drum fill extending LF performance down to 40Hz in a range of FOH and stage monitoring applications. With a switch on the back of the cabinet, the P12 is easy to reconfigure from Passive to Active mode, where it achieves 140dB Peak.

Available in mobile and install versions, the curved, low profile P12 cabinet, housed in a curvilinear enclosure of custom birch and poplar plywood, can be deployed both vertically and horizontally (as a wedge monitor).

Steinberg UR-C Series

UR-C Series Audio Interface

Used worldwide by everyone from top producers and rising bands to popular YouTubers, the UR-C models takes audio recording to the next level.

Designed for musicians and producers, the entire line-up of UR-C audio interfaces provides USB Type-C (USB 3.1 Gen 1 SuperSpeed) connectivity to ensure universal compatibility with PCs and Mac computers, as well as iOS devices. Every model features 32-bit/192 kHz audio resolution, MIDI and delivers DSP power for using effects when monitoring audio without latency. Moreover, each piece of equipment has something unique to offer: the two-channel UR22C and four-channel UR44C are bus-powered and portable; the UR816C provides 16 channels for professional audio; and the UR22C Recording Pack provides all the hardware and software required to create studio-quality recordings.

All models ship with the Cubase AI DAW, Basic FX Suite, and Cubasis LE iPad music production app, while the UR22C Recording Pack also adds the WaveLab LE audio editor. The ST-M01 condenser mic and ST-H01 studio monitor headphones are included in this bundle, too. The metal housing and high-quality components throughout make the UR-C device the perfect, roadworthy partner for every recording situation.

Shure TwinPlex

TwinPlex Subminiature Lavaliers Microphone

Designed to stand up to the toughest conditions, TwinPlex provides natural audio at both high and low frequency when professional vocal performance is necessary. The new patent pending capsule technology offers best-in-class sound in an easy-to-conceal package, ideal for quick costume changes or discreetly placed under wardrobe with no impact on sound quality.

Developed with input from leading audio professionals, TwinPlex supports the diverse needs of theater, broadcast, film and television, and corporate presentations to produce high-quality audio production with superior dependability.

TwinPlex consists of four lavaliers (TL45, TL46, TL47, TL48) and an ultra-light, fully-adjustable headset microphone (TH53) in multiple colors with extensive accessories and options. The unique dual-diaphragm omnidirectional design yields extraordinary off-axis consistency and industry-leading low self-noise creating lifelike vocal clarity and warmth.

The ultra-thin TwinPlex has Interchangeable sweat- and moisture-resistant frequency caps that prevent sweat-outs and paintable cable is available in 1.1 mm and 1.6 mm options. The paintable cables are immune to kinks and memory effects, resulting in never-before-seen flex performance due to an innovative spiral construction with redundant shielding.

Martin MAC Allure Wash PC

MAC Allure Wash PC

The Martin MAC Allure Wash PC is a washlight variant within the Martin MAC Allure family, featuring a novel RGBW light engine with unique 7-segmented beam control. With instant color control and pixelated beam, the MAC Allure Wash PC enables dynamic diffused projection and mid-air effects, previously not possible.

This is also the first washlight to incorporate Martin’s P3 control that works in addition to industry standard controls such as DMX, Art-Net and sACN. The MAC Allure Wash PC’s LED drivers run the light engine at high and precise refresh rates securing that there is no flicker or banding on any broadcast application. This fixture also features a compact 17.6 kg (39 lbs.) design that fits into smaller sets and spaces, reducing truss loading constraint concerns and fits into three unit flight cases.

The MAC Allure Wash PC is designed to not overload the user with unnecessary parameters or features. This makes the MAC Allure Wash PC a simple-to-use, every day light that is ideal for concert/touring, TV, corporate, houses of worship, concert venues, nightclubs, and cruise ships.

AKG K371

K371 Professional Studio Headphones

Whether a musician, engineer, podcaster, video editor, or content producer, AKG K371 Professional Studio Headphones strike the perfect balance between studio-quality sound, plush comfort, and a sleek, sturdy design that stands up to a mobile lifestyle.

K371s are precision-engineered to match AKG’s Reference Response acoustic target to reproduce natural, balanced audio in extraordinary detail. They deliver deeper bass and higher highs than any other model, with a stunning frequency response of 5 Hz to 40 kHz.

Meticulously engineered to deliver every nuance with absolute authenticity, the K371s feature a pair of largest-in-class titanium-covered 50mm drivers. The K371’s over-ear, closed-back design provides superior isolation in noisy environments. Headphones are gorgeously styled with plush, slow-retention foam pads for long-wearing comfort, with adjustable calibrated headbands that deliver a perfect fit, every time. Earcups swivel 90 degrees for single-ear monitoring, and their feather-light weight keeps ear fatigue at bay, even on the longest listening sessions.

JBL Eon One Compact

EON ONE Compact PA System

The new EON ONE Compact is an ultra-portable, all-in-one PA system with Bluetooth that delivers high-quality sound anywhere, for hours on end. Its 8-inch speaker produces the loudest output and best bass response in its class, and the swappable, rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 hours. Weighing less than 18 pounds with a built-in carrying handle, the EON ONE Compact is easy to take anywhere. A four-channel mixer with onboard Lexicon effects and dbx EQ provides ultimate flexibility. Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to stream music and link multiple speakers, and a handy mobile app for Android and iOS provides intuitive control.

The 8-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter produce up to 112 dB of output from 37.5 Hz to 20 kHz, providing loud, uncompromising sound with extended low-end. A variety of inputs, mixing features and effects give the EON ONE Compact a high degree of flexibility for different applications. Two combination XLR/TRS inputs with professional-grade preamps and +48V phantom power provide crystal-clear sound for microphones, while a dedicated quarter-inch high-impedance input is perfect for guitars, bass and acoustic instruments with pickups.

Roland DJ-707M

DJ-707M DJ Controller

The Roland DJ-707M DJ Controller — a four-channel, four-deck Serato DJ Pro controller is engineered for a perfect balance of functionality and portability. DJs searching for more than song mixing now have the tools to manage complex event audio requirements, all-in-one with the powerful benefits of a portable live sound audio console, loudspeaker management system, and fully-fledged performance DJ controller.

The DJ-707M features seven inputs, including front mounted auxiliary inputs to easily connect instruments from guest musicians or two additional microphones. Built with the DNA of a professional audio console, the DJ-707M features two studio-quality XLR microphone inputs. Dual USB inputs allow up to two instances of Serato to be run on separate computers, creating seamless transitions between DJs or backup rigs. Its USB input can also be used to connect an iOS device for music playback.

The DJ-707M also contains launchable preset rhythms for adding punch to classic tracks, crafting transitions, or creating accompaniment for instrumentalists. Other on-board OSC sound effects include sweepers and synth stabs.

MX 3 Channel Wireless Silent Disco Transmitter

The MX 3 Channel Wireless Silent Disco Transmitter is a UHF high power transmitter, professionally designed, with 5dBi Omni Antenna, a 3.7V/420mA built-in lithium battery, with sustainability up to 4 hours. The operation distance is in the range of 200, 300, and 500 meters. The small and robust transmitter provides a voltage of 9VDC and has an extra antenna for extended quality. The audience can select the transmitter channel they want to stream via the 3-channel headphones, thus giving each audience member their personal music selection.

Dynatech DLA-212A

DLA 212A Active Line Array

The medium to large sized line array speakers are used in applications including sound reinforcement for houses of Worship, Events, Indoor Stadiums, Theme Parks, Multi-Functional Auditoriums, Schools, Rehearsal halls, Clubs, Ballrooms and Transit Terminals etc. Excellent for live, rental, and portable sound reinforcement applications the DLA 212A Active Line Array loudspeakers deliver extraordinary performance where high speech intelligibility and natural sounding music is required at unmatched value.

With everything made Active, you can stop worrying about amplification, equalization, and protection. Featuring FiR brick wall filters, Pascal amplification from Denmark with the most precise compressors and limiters to protect your drivers.

Mackie DRM Series

DRM Series Powered Loudspeakers

(DRM-18S subwoofer, DRM-12A arrayable loudspeaker)

DRM Series Powered Loudspeakers feature class-leading power, Advanced Impulse DSP for unmatched clarity, and the DRM Control Dashboard with full-color display for easy control.

Combining extensive tuning, premium components, and cutting-edge DSP – DRM Series Loudspeakers is perfect for mobile DJs, bands, clubs, houses of worship, production/install, and more.

The DRM-12A Arayable loudspeaker and DRM-18S Professional Powered Subwoofer delivers class-leading power via an ultra-efficient Class-D amplifier with next-gen protection and Power Factor Correction technology for peak performance.

A custom high-excursion 12” woofer and three 1” compression drivers housed in the texture coated 15mm plywood cabinet designed for consistent performance in the most demanding performance. The DRM-12A loudspeaker and the DRM-18S subwoofer are the perfect tool for a standard PA setup, whether installed in a club, house of worship, gymnasium, rental systems and more. The integrated rigging makes it perfect for use in large permanent installs, tours, and festivals where the system is flown or as a high-output pole-mounted portable PA.

Designed to match the rest of the DRM series, the DRM-18S is stackable, flyable, and is equipped with a pole cup for maximum versatility.

JTS R-4 System

R-4 System

The system is designed with JTS newest generation wireless technology. To cope with the squeezed radio spectrum the system provides more compatible channels within limited bandwidth. The R-4 is a 4 channel system in a 19” one U case. Antenna outputs and AC power supply are designed to be cascaded. It provides great convenience to installation.

JTS patented REMOSET feature sends all microphone data by pushing one button. Moreover all 4 microphones can receive correspondent data at the same time after one pushing. As always JTS provides detailed and full adjustment for best audio and radio performance.

The system is best suited for broadcast and live performances.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM

Multimedia iLoud MTM

IK’s iLoud Micro Monitors are High-resolution compact studio monitors that have changed everything about the sound, accuracy and convenience of reference monitors in today’s modern studio. iLoud MTM uses dvanced DSP techniques to provide total control over the speakers’ performance, delivering results simply not obtainable with traditional analog designs. Highs are neutral and defined, mids are clear and balanced, and lows are as balanced as ever.  It’s loud, with 100W RMS total power per speaker and 103dB SPL maximum sound pressure. iLoud MTM offers even bass response down to 40Hz ideal for modern music styles. It debuts IK’s new patent-pending Physical Response Linearization (PRL) system that uses a precise model of the enclosure’s design, construction and materials, combined with electro-mechanical measurements of the real units, to correct the system’s performance in real time.

Its design offers exceptional sound dispersion, enhancing the transparency and neutrality of what is heard. It offers built-in acoustic self-calibration via the included ARC reference microphone, to automatically adjust the frequency response. iLoud MTM includes a tilting mount that not only helps isolate it, but also angles from 0° to 20° for correct positioning in a wide range of setups.

Studiomaster Orb Series

Orb Series mixer

Studiomaster Professional’s Orb series is a range of premium mixing consoles that integrate state-of-the-art One Knob compression, DSP-based dual multi-EFX processors, USB MP3 media player and recorder, Bluetooth and a host of inputs, outputs, and routing options.

The series has two models currently - the Orb 1822 with 18 mic / 20 line inputs and the Orb 1222 with 12 mic / 14 line inputs. The mixers feature a simple One Knob Compressor on select inputs that lets users harness the benefits of analogue audio compression without the hassle of setting complex parameters.

The Orb series mixers also integrate a warm and rich dual multi-EFX processor with 24 DSP-based presets and editable parameters. The integration of media player and recorder with Bluetooth helps users quickly record their sessions on flash-based storage devices (pen drives) and even playback audio files.

The Orb series mixers sport an ergonomically-angled design for better visibility and rear panel input/output connectivity for a clutter-free mixing environment. Other features include 5 Aux buses with stereo returns, 2 subgroups with outputs, globally-switched +48V Phantom power supply, 7-band stereo GEQ and much more.

Adamson S10

S10 Full Range Line Array Cabinet

The S10 is a 2-way, full range line array cabinet containing 2x ND10-LM Kevlar Neodymium drivers (2x 16 Ω) and an NH4TA2 1.5” exit compression driver (8 Ω). The critically optimized sound chamber produces a slightly curved wavefront with a nominal dispersion pattern of 110° x 10° (H x V). The chamber’s efficiency allows for increased vertical dispersion without sacrificing high frequency presence in the far field. Patent-pending Controlled Summation Technology further eliminates low-mid lobing normally associated with 2-way line source systems.

The cabinet construction uses marine grade birch plywood as well as aircraft grade steel and aluminum, and is equipped with two Speakon NL8 connectors. The rigging system incorporates the best aspects of previous advancements in our new SlideLock rigging technology.

The S10 is suited to a wide variety of applications. Its full range capability (60 Hz) at reasonable levels qualifies for applications where sub is not required. Increased vertical coverage (10°) enables the S10 to cover theaters, arenas, and stadiums with reasonable speaker quantity. Other target applications include dance clubs, medium size festivals, corporate events and contemporary churches.

Claypaky Xtylos

Xtylos compact beam moving light

The Xtylos is a compact beam moving light with unique optical and chromatic characteristics, making use of a tailor-made laser source. This laser source, lasting for 10,000 hours, is enclosed in a reliable, safe, and fully sealed module and it is the powerful engine of an incredible array of colors.

The beam aperture can be steered in the range 1°-7° and it can be decreased further to 0.5°. The Xtylos uses laser technology with RGB additive color mixing. In contrast to the subtractive mixing used with discharge lamps, colored light beams are as bright as a white light beam. The range of effects features two gobo wheels - with 7 rotating gobos and 12 fixed gobos (including 7 beam diameter reducers) - a wheel with 3 prisms, and a sixteen facet prism on a dedicated channel which can be overlapped with the prism wheel.

The Xtylos is the first moving head light with a laser light source and an ideal tool for all rental companies, for use at major events, and at any show, which aims to stand out with colorful beams and never-seen-before effects. It is also perfect for permanent installations in theme parks and TV applications.

MX Wireless Silent Headphone

Wireless Silent Headphone

The Silent Headphones are the perfect solution for continuing the mid night fun and parties in the disco without breaking the law. One of the most popular uses of the headphones is for discos and parties. It consists of 2 machines i.e. a wireless stereo headphone and a small music broadcaster. Silent party headphones are perfectly comfortable and tight enough to make a barrier between outside sound and the music played on the 3 Channel Silent Disco Headphones.

The MX Wireless Silent Headphones feature a built-in 600MAH lithium battery that can last up to 8 hours, a frequency response of 20-20000Hz, individual volume and channel control buttons and LED channel indicator lights. Silent MX headphones support a 433 MHz / 863 MHz / 915 Mhz ISM Band. Its double PLL system ensures ultimate frequency stability for uninterrupted music enjoyment. The headphones however, are not waterproof and do not support any memory card.

Sonodyne SMX 1116

SMX 1116 Professional Mixer

The SMX Series of mixers are compact live sound mixing consoles. Focus is on providing the engineer with a variety of features like additional mic inputs, multiple aux, global and local EQs, and subgroups. Input connectivity on BT and USB are available with record output to onboard USB. In a slim, compact form-factor, the SMX is an excellent console for small events where sound quality is paramount.

SMX 1116 is a compact mixing console with 12 mic, 2 stereo inputs, frequency response of 10Hz to 90kHz. Other features of SMX 1116 include 9 band stereo, USB Playback, 60mm faders, per channel - mute, solo, low-cut and bus assign, and main and sub switches.

With combo inputs for guitars, basses and other instruments, 32bit 42kHz effects engine featuring Reverb, Delay, Chorus and Modulation, the console is a robust polymer lightweight construction for tour-grade build quality and reliability

Marani LPP-260A

LPP-260A Linear Phase Loudspeaker Processor

The LPP-260A is a high end 2-IN/6-OUT digital speaker management system highly improved in terms of DSP processes and an astonishing FIR filtering tool set. Designed for maximum versatility, it provides all the processing and control necessary for both live and fixed installation use. Proving for any crossover configuration, it offers 2 analog inputs, 6 analog outputs and 1 AES/EBU input, managed by 2 powerful MARANI DSP Engines, for a full 96 kHz processing, in addition to 24 Bit AD/DA Converters.

The Marani LPP-260A features a 13 band parametric equalization per input channel, a 7 band parametric equalization per output channel, an adjustable delay time of up to 480 ms for every input channel and 340 ms for each output channel. It also features a front panel USB connector for direct PC communications and RS485/TCP-IP connection for system setup, monitoring, and control via fully manageable remote PC software.

Trace Elliot ELF

Elliot ELF Bass Amplifier

The ELF bass amplifier weighs 1.6 pounds and is small enough to fit in the pocket. The ELF’s remarkable technology and size make it a portable, gig-worthy amplifier. The ELF produces a fan-cooled 200 continuous watts RMS at 4 ohms. The switch mode power supply has thermal as well as over-current protection, and the gain knob features a bicolor LED that turns red when the preamp compressor engages. In terms of sonic quality, the ELF has a clean signal path with simple controls, making it easy to achieve a professional bass tone. The 3-band rotary EQ has three proprietary Trace Elliot filters and studio-quality XLR outputs, with a ground lift switch, ensure the tone the player has on stage is the same tone in the PA.

Trace Elliot series has two cabinet options in the form of Trace Elliot 1x10 Cab and Trace Elliot 2x8 Cab.

The Trace Elliot ELF 1x10 and Trace Elliot ELF 2x8 cabinet is the perfect companion to the 200W rms Trace Elliot ELF amplifier. The 1x10 cab uses a premium Eminence driver and the 2x8 cab features two 8” Faital drivers and includes dual parallel inputs that make it easy to use two cabinets with the ELF. A recessed cradle on top fits the ELF perfectly and keeps the amplifier in place. The durable painted cab also features an inset top handle that comes in handy when routing the speaker cables.

Superlux L401U

L401U USB microphone

The Superlux L401U USB microphone is equipped with a 1”, 3μm ultra-thin gold-plated diaphragm capsule to ensure studio-grade recording quality in any stage, home or studio environment.

The plug-and-play design of the L401U large diaphragm USB microphone ensures compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating systems and supports the majority of available DAW software. The high-quality A to D converter and USB output of the Superlux L401U makes accurate recording effortless. The cardioid pickup pattern of L401U is very suitable for vocal recording, acoustic instruments, and any other sources.

The rear of the L401U features a zero-latency stereo headphone monitoring (3.5mm) jack to provide real-time microphone input monitoring. A direct/mixing knob allows you to adjust the monitoring level between mic input and audio output easily. The built-in headphone amplifier ensures extremely clear and rich playback details even under high volume. The Superlux L401U large diaphragm microphone is a quality tool that is the right choice for any professional stage, home or studio application.

MX HPRO 20000

HPRO 20000 Professional Power Amplifier

MX HPRO series adopts Triple Three Step Class H+ circuitry to eliminate the Class H cross switching distortion. With carefully selected components like toroidal transformers, audiophile Wima capacitors, Toshiba transistors, Carling switch circuit breakers, Neutrik connectors and Belden wires, etc. PRO series has clear and clean sound and high damping factor. This makes PRO series suitable for any kind of application, from high power loudspeakers to critical monitoring where very high requirements are mandatory.

It can be widely used in fixed installation and touring performance such as bar, nightclub, multi-functional hall, museum, religious venue, commerce site, lecture hall, wedding ceremony, etc. All PRO amplifiers have less than 0.05%THD at 16KHz and the sound is clean and natural. It has a comprehensive protection system, which includes optimized limiter circuit.

The smart overheat management of PRO series adopts unique circuitry to monitor the amplifier’s temperature in real time. When the safe operation of the amplifier is compromised, the output power is reduced but not shut down, which ensures the system can work stably in high temperature environment.

P.Audio G15-400MB

G15-400MB Transducer

The P. Audio G15-400MB is a high performance wide bandwidth transducer with an updated design featuring P. Audio’s new technologies and performance upgrades. The 15 inch (381mm) diameter piston produces extremely high sound pressure levels at both low and mid band frequencies and is ideal for high level response in both live sound and recorded music venues. The transducer uses high energy ferrite magnetics to achieve a very high acoustic output to weight ratio. The G15-400MB has been optimized for use in two way or three way sound reinforcement systems and has an operating range of 40Hz to 3000Hz.

The G15-400MB features a large 3 inch (75.7mm) diameter voice coil that provides 400 watts AES of continuous power handling and a full 1600 watts of peak rated power handling when sufficient amplifier headroom is available. The G15-400MB utilizes P. Audio’s Auto Balanced Cooling (ABC) technology to not only improve transducer power handling and reliability but to also increase power compression performance by carefully balancing and directing airflow to critical areas.


M20X is a fully recallable mixer, with 16 remote controlled preamps and 11 motorized faders. Despite its dimensions, the M 20X packs a whole suite of capabilities, such as high-profile preamplifiers, top of class DSP with studio-quality processing, WiFi remote control and a comprehensive set of multi-track recording and playback functions. The mixer offers a total of 20 analog inputs and 14 output channels, between the balanced analog outputs and the AES/EBU digital output.

Below the 5-inch touchscreen, 5 encoders are assigned to various parameters as a function of the current screen. A set of motorized faders allows access to all inputs and output levels, without increasing the overall footprint of the unit. In addition, a dedicated FADER VIEW button shows all inputs and outputs at once, including the assigned names, and allows an immediate jump to the desired channel strip section.

Multitrack audio can be handled via the onboard USB 2.0 Digital Audio Interface, for a maximum of 24 x 24 channels, and through the internal SD-card multi-track player/recorder.

Volite Galaxy Thunder 54x3 Par

Galaxy Thunder 54x3 Par

The Volite Galaxy Thunder 54X3 watt high performance LED Pars features 54X3W LED units with an input voltage of AC 100-240 V, 50/60Hz. The Galaxy Thunder LED RGBW offers great performance with a quiet moving head.

The Galaxy Thunder has an aluminum body, digital/LCD display, and 8 DMX channels. 180w power with a 100,000 hours working, the Galaxy Thunder comes with a control mode of DMX512, Master/Slave, and Sound control. The lamp has a luminous flux of 3000Im and efficiency of 100Im/w and strobe of 0-2 times/second.

Sennheiser XS Wireless

XS Wireless Digital plug & play

XS Wireless Digital is a plug & play, entry-level wireless series operating in the 2.4 GHz spectrum for license-free worldwide use. The new series consists of lightweight, compact plug-on transmitters and receivers, offering either XLR, jack (6.3mm, 1/4”) or mini jack (3.5mm, 1/8”) connections. It features a single-button interface and status indicator to handle power and linking tasks and up to 5 systems can be operated simultaneously.

XSW-D devices also feature USB re-chargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide up to 5 hours of runtime. XS Wireless Digital can be used for traditional MI and A4V applications such as band practices, club dates, vlogging, or freelance video shoots. It offers solutions for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras with 3.5mm jack inputs as well as cameras with XLR audio inputs. It is also designed for use with music instruments as a sort of wireless audio cable.

Studiomaster XPA Series

XPA Series Amplifiers

Overheating is one of the most common reasons for amplifier failure in a tropical country like India. It has a detrimental effect on the electronic components and parts of amplifiers.

To counter this issue, Studiomaster Professional has developed an innovative solution for its newly-launched XPA series amplifiers. Thermal Management System (TMS) is the brand’s proprietary temperature-controlled gain variation technology. In the XPA series amplifiers, the temperature is never allowed to exceed the permissible limit. The TMS technology intuitively “jumps in” to adjust amplifier parameters and keep the temperature limit-bound. Thanks to this, audio quality is never compromised and the amplifiers keep running smooth and cool.

Currently, the lineup features two models, the XPA 40 and XPA 60. The XPA 40 delivers 2 x 1400W (True RMS) @ 4Ω and the XPA 60 delivers 2 x 2000W (True RMS) @ 4Ω. At the heart of each amplifier is a high-current toroidal transformer with high-endurance cores that deliver greater transient response, low-noise, and stability even at 2 Ohms load. Other features include built-in crossover, bass boost (EQ processing), balanced XLR and ¼” stereo jack inputs, Speakon and binding post outputs, limiter switch for speaker protection and much more.

City Theatrical DMXcat

DMXcat System Multi Fixture

City Theatrical‘s DMXcat system is designed for use by the lighting professionals who are involved with the planning, installation, operation, or maintenance of theatrical and studio lighting equipment. The system consists of a small hardware interface device and a suite of mobile applications. DMXcat’s new Multi Fixture feature includes a patch that can be implemented to group and control lighting fixtures together to save time and improve workflows. This patch also allows users to assign numbers to channels or fixtures, which can be useful in creating a consistent and simplified numbering system between creative and technical teams of a given production or installation project. DMXcat users can use the patch to save, name, and re-load setups across various rigs, for use on future projects.

DMXcat hardware is built into every Multiverse Transmitter. This means you can now access, configure, and control your Multiverse Transmitter with the free DMXcat app. DMXcat technology means that you no longer have to touch or even be close to your Multiverse Transmitter to make changes to it.

Denon DJ Prime 4

DJ Prime 4 4-Deck Standalone DJ Console

Denon DJ Prime 4 is a 4-Deck Standalone DJ system with 10-inch multi-touch/gesture display, dual-zone output, pro-mixer section, powerful performance pads, dual-mic channels and a 2.5 inch built-in SATA data bay. The Prime 4 has a dedicated XLR zone output that provides music to a separate room or location, 6-inch jog wheels with HD central display, 4 assignable input channels for external media sources, and 2 dedicated XLR inputs for microphones with individual control.

Prime 4’s eight performance pads bring the most advanced and easy to use creative expressions to hot-cue juggle, remix tracks, roll, and slice up tracks. The system plays uncompressed audio formats and DJs can directly import Rekordbox playlists.

Prime 4 has 14 on-board, pro-club DJ Effects, with three quick access parameter adjustments, dual-function control for Sweep FX and Filter, across all 4 channels. In addition, it has impactful visual elements with lighting and video control via Denon DJ’s StagelinQ connectivity and Denon DJ partners Soundswitch, Timecode and Resolume applications. The Prime 4 latest version brings full integration and control of Serato DJ Pro using computer mode.

L’Acoustics A Series

A Series Loudspeaker System

The new A15 and A10 systems deliver renowned L-Acoustics concert performance and reliability for audiences from 50 to 5,000. Mounted on a pole, stacked on the companion KS21, or flown in vertical or horizontal arrays, the new A Series family combines plug-and-play ease and international market acceptance. This versatile solution, with adjustable directivity, scales with the needs of your company and is your gateway to the L-Acoustics rental network.

A10 and A15 are designed for production applications up to 35 m and 45m respectively. It includes A10 Focus and A10 Wide and A15 Focus and A15 Wide passive 10” and 15” systems with distinct coverage patterns. A10 and A15 can adapt to virtually any audience geometry with two enclosure coverage options, Panflex (A10) and L-Fins (A15) for user adjustable waveguide directivity, and a range of accessories for vertical or horizontal deployment. On its own, A10 provides extended low frequency capability, adapted for vocal reinforcement and live concerts.

A15 deployment requires a single preset that is optimized to provide plug-and-play performance for both A15 models. A15 provides the low frequency contour of a large concert system.

XMLite LLP400

Made using Japanese NSL400 light source, the LLP400 produces a voltage of 600W with a power of 100-240V. 50/60Hz. It provides lamp guarantee of 500 hours or 18 months. The display is a 2.8” screen and can reverse 180 degrees. 

The LLP400 features high speed XY axis, magnetic code disk location, and folding hook. The color wheel features 14 color GOBO plus white and the static GOBO wheel has 11 GOBO plus 3 Color GOBO plus white.  The Prism has 11 kinds of prism, two rotation prism wheels, each prism wheel can be combined, and speed can be adjusted. The beam angle is between 4 degrees to 6 degrees, and dimming from 0-100%. The moving head light can be panned at 540 degrees and tilted at 270degrees.

Neumann NDH 20

NDH 20 Studio Headphones

The Neumann NDH 20 is a closed-back headphone combining isolation with balanced sound image and outstanding resolution. The NDH 20 is ideally suited to monitoring and mixing tasks, even in loud and noisy environments. Circumaural memory foam ear pads offer high long-term comfort. The headband is made of flexible spring steel while the ear cup covers are machined from lightweight aluminum. For easy transportation, the NDH 20 is foldable.

The NDH 20 is suited to all applications that require high sound isolation such as monitoring for musicians and engineers in the tracking room as well as FOH work. It is also an excellent choice for critical listening, free from disturbance from the outside world and, vice versa, without causing disturbance to people nearby due to leakage. It features extended frequency response ranging from 5 Hz to 30 kHz making it particularly helpful to check the upper and lower extremes of the audio band. The NDH 20’s newly designed 38 mm drivers with high-gauss neodymium magnets ensure high sensitivity and low distortion.

Beta Three BT1500

Beta Three BT1500

BT1500 is an active two-way 9-unit inverting full-range speaker, specially designed for small touring performance.

BT1500 is a perfect sound reinforcement solution that can be used quickly and easy setup, Installation and inter-connecting can be done with one minute, easily carry with bogs, no need extra power amplifier ,mixer or any other speakers, one set BT1500 with bluetooth, connecting with laptop, can be used for the applications for Conference, small touring performance and small party.

It is a high power, high SPL wooden active speaker system with one 15’’ woofer six 2.75’’ mid-range, two 1’’ dome tweeter and Bi-amp module of CLASS D, adjustable angle support rod, you can enjoy the most realistic and beautiful sound through whatever stand or sit.

Electro-Voice RE520

The RE520 is a premium-grade, high-performance, condenser supercardioid vocal microphone. Designed to reveal the exceptional detail and vivid clarity synonymous with condenser elements, it delivers the lyrical finesse required for expressive vocal performances, while controlling off-axis sound from near-by sources.

The supercardioid pattern provides excellent acoustic isolation. Maximum feedback rejection occurs when a stage monitor position is at either 225° or 125° offaxis to the element. This pattern also allows for a cleaner mix due to its rejection of off-axis sound. The multi-stage pop filter consists of two layers of dense foam separated by air, which attenuates wind velocity caused by breath and windblasts.

The high-pass filter has two positions. The flat position delivers the full frequency band pass of the capsule. The high-pass position attenuates frequencies below 150 Hz. The internal shock mount isolates the microphone element from vibration and guards against handling noise.

Sennheiser IE PRO Series

IE PRO Series

Sennheiser IE PRO series are professional dynamic in-ear monitors featuring the IE 40 Pro, IE 400 Pro, and the IE 500 Pro.

The higher-end IE 400 PRO and IE 500 PRO generate their sound by virtue of Sennheisers TrueResponse technology from drivers measuring only 7mm. The entry-level IE 40 PRO system utilizes 10mm drivers. The optimized design now uses the full air volume and every square millimeter for optimized sound conduction – and leaves lots of space for a finally comfortable fit. Their compact construction ensures that it sits securely and remains wearable, especially during long sessions. Multi-way drivers move their diaphragm via a balanced armature in a magnetic field. Because new broadband transducers are lighter, softer, and more flexible, even at maximum levels, the sound is stable, follows every change in dynamics clearly, and controlled. The sound stage stays free from distortion and becomes extremely transparent.

The in-ears come with silicone ear adapters in various sizes and special ear tips made from memory foam, which expand to perfectly fit the ear canal. This results in a secure and comfortable fit that comes very close to custom-made ear moulds.

Sonodyne SPA 115P

IE PRO Series Portable PA Speaker

The SPA is the newest range of portable PA speakers by Sonodyne. It comprises unique models that are ideal not only for installation but also for live performances. All models are two way designs employing high performance transducers. The ABS moulded enclosure is rigid, portable, and allows for ease of installation. The sound quality is excellent allowing the speakers to be also used as stage monitors. Well priced, reliable, and great sounding, the SPA is a great new solution for professional applications where sound quality matters.

SPA 115P is a two-way active speaker with 15” LF and horn loaded compression driver and has a frequency range of 47Hz to 19kHz and a frequency response of 55Hz to 17kHz. The SPA 115P comes in a plastic enclosure and can be mounted as a pole mount and can be used as a floor monitor.

Solid State Logic L550

L550 Digital Mixing Console

The Solid State Logic L550 is a digital mixing console designed help highly skilled operators deliver outstanding performances in the most demanding applications in Touring, Installation, Houses of Worship, and Theatre. The deceptively simple ergonomic excellence of the combination of multi-touch screen control with assignable hardware controls, the use of color coding, the open architecture lets engineers configure the console layout to suit their own way of working.

The new L550 features a total of 288 processing paths, 36 Matrix outputs, and 48 VCAs, assignable to any of the 36 + 2 faders on the control surface. It can be augmented with USB Remote Fader Tiles or be connected to remotely from another console, a laptop running SOLSA remote control software or tablet running the TaCo control app for a truly flexible and expandable work surface. The L550 is powered by Tempest, a new fourth generation digital audio platform developed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of the live environment.

Audio-Technica ATM350GL

ATM350GL UniMount Mounting System

Designed for use with guitars, the ATM350GL UniMount mounting system gives you the tools to perform with confidence. The system features the ATM350a cardioid condenser microphone, which is a low-profile mic, designed for minimum visibility, a high-SPL mic that provides a clear, well-balanced response from any instrument. When teamed with the included AT8491G guitar mount and strong, flexible AT8490L 9” gooseneck, the mic can be securely fastened to a guitar or other stringed instrument with a body depth of 90-135 mm.

The microphone’s cardioid polar pattern isolates the instrument by reducing side and rear pickup, and the switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter on the in-line power module helps control undesired low-frequency noise. The system also includes an AT8468 violin mount with hook-and-loop fastener and a protective carrying case.

PreSonus StudioLive 64S

StudioLive 64S Digital Mixer

The StudioLive 64S is a 64-channel mixer that brings the power of a large format console to small format digital mixing. Powered by the new quad-core PreSonus FLEX DSP Engine, the StudioLive 64S digital mixer is equipped with 76 mixing channels, 43 mix buses, and 526 simultaneous processors—including 8 stereo reverberation systems, and Fat Channel plug-in models on every input channel and mix bus. With 128 (64X64) channels of USB recording, 128 channels of AVB I/O, flexible routing options, and the studio-grade audio quality that made StudioLive mixers famous, the StudioLive 64S delivers a truly exceptional mixing experience that’s in a class of its own.

Its 32 FlexMixes can be individually configured to function as an aux bus, a subgroup, or a matrix mix. Also provided are 24 DCAs to flexibly control groups of channels. The StudioLive 64S includes the ten Classic Fat Channel plug-in models pre-installed. The 64-channel StudioLive 64S is the most powerful and flexible digital console available for installed sound, touring, and recording.

AKG Lyra

Lyra Ultra HD Multimode USB Mic

The AKG Lyra delivers high audio quality in its class, with acoustically transparent, 4K-compatible, Ultra HD-grade 24-bit/192kHz audio resolution. Lyra features the innovative AKG Adaptive Capsule Array, which provides user-selectable capture modes that are optimized for any performance and makes it easy to deliver professional sound for any application. Plug-and-play operation allows creators of all experience levels to get set up with and start recording quickly, while easily accessible controls provide complete control and seamless ease of use. An internal self-adjusting shock mount minimizes contact noise, while a built-in sound diffuser and AKG’s proprietary Internal Element Overload Prevention automatically reduces noise, eliminates pops, and improves signal levels.

Lyra is equipped with a “zero-latency” headphone jack and headphone volume knob that eliminates the short delay between speaking into a microphone and hearing the signal in the headphones.

Lyra is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, so users can quickly record ideas in the studio or on the go. From recording music in a digital audio workstation, to live streaming or shooting a YouTube video, using Lyra is as easy as plugging in a USB cable and pressing go-live or record.


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