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Articles Jan-Feb 2023

Creating State-of-the-Art AUDIOVISUAL Experiences Surrounding The Statue of Unity New!

In PALM + AV-ICN's conference session titled 'AV Architect of the Year', Narendra Naidu, Chairman and MD, Rhino Engineers, talks about rendering jaw-dropping audiovisual technology for Gujarat's Statue of Unity and several other projects situated in its periphery... read more

Articles Jan-Feb 2023

Udaipur City Palace Comes Alive with Splat Studio & Dataton New!

Splat Studio makes use of Dataton's Watchout software to highlight India's culture and heritage on the palace's facade

The G20 Sherpa Meet in Udaipur, India witnessed a congregation of world leaders, who partook in key conversations on sustainable lifestyle, technological transformations, and more. The City of Lakes - the host of the G20 Sherpa Meet... read more

Articles Jan-Feb 2023

AV Innovations Galore at ISE Barcelona 2023 New!

ISE Barcelona 2023, held from January 31 - February 3, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain, witnessed a record-breaking footfall over the four-day show. Clocking in at 58,107 unique attendees from 155 countries around the world, the ISE Barcelona 2023 not only gave the global AV industry a much-needed push in the right direction after the two-year long COVID-19 pandemic... read more

Articles Jan-Feb 2023

BRINGING SOUND TO LIFE: Ashish Saksena on his Love & Passion for Live Sound Mixing New!

With more than 25 years of experience as a live sound engineer for musical stalwarts such as Shankar Ehsaan Loy and KK, Ashish Saksena has forged his craftsmanship with technical acumen in monitor mixing and Front of House mixing. But his expertise in sound engineering isn't restricted to the live stage. Even in the studio, Ashish knows how to make the mix dance to his own tunes. read more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

Leading with LED New!

PALM + AV-ICN reports on the latest popular, reliable, and cost-effective LED video walls available in the Indian pro AV industry today. From Barco's TruePix to NEC E Series, these indoor LED video walls are here to change the conferencing game in the long run. read more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

An 'AV'ant-Garde Fusion of Nature & Technology New!

Gujarat has always been a home to the greatest minds who believe in the concept of 'simple living, high thinking'. Be it Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, and India's current Prime Minister,Narendra Modi - these individuals have been a testimony to how a human being... read more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

Active LED Video Walls - Demystifying The AV Enigma by Abdul Waheed, CTS, Managing Director, EYTE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. New!

The ever changing video market is reaching new heights with active LED video walls. From projection to plasma displays; LCD to LED, the continuous journey for large size display wall is always challenging. The indirect light of projection system, to the thick breaking lines of Bezel in LCD and LED is always disturbing the impact of the high resolution content. The cost of Micro LED panels and the alignment issues didn't allow it to be a success. read more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

On Delivering Quality Mega Scale AV Projects in India New!

The PALM + AV-ICN conference session witnessed a panel of AV experts, Prashanth Govindhan, Claron D'souza, Abdul Waheed, and Kapil Thirwani sit for a dialogue on the evolution of Indian AV industry, how it differs from AV industries in other countries, and how moral is the concept of jugaad in the Indian AV sphere. In this article, read the highlights of the talk. read more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

Mondosonic Studios' Varun Krrishna on Preferring Analog-Over-Digital SetupNew!

Varun Krrishna is not just a mixing engineer and music producer out of profession, but also out of passion. With an ardent love for music, Varun Krrishna is also the founder and owner of Mondosonic Studios in Kerala, a space he has built for music to breathe free. So, it isn’t a surprise that the man of music is always in a quest to stay abreast with the latest trends in the world of acoustics, and knows just how big the spatial audio boom is. To encapsulate the essence of spatial sound, Varun Krrishna is upgrading Mondosonic Studios with an extension for spatial audio. read more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

Dialing it up: Ashish Saksena on how Monitor Mixing can Elevate a PerformanceNew!

What does it take to create a technically accurate monitor mix and put the stage performance on a pedestal? Ashish Saksena, Live Sound Engineer for Shankar Ehsaan Loy & Late KK, spills the beans on crafting a good monitor mix in PALM + AV-ICN conference session titled, 'How Good Monitor Mixing Can Boost A Performance.'read more

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Mixing for Large Concerts

by Fali Damania

Sound for large events requires special attention. In the next few paragraphs I will enlist ways to get the best possible result leaving your audience satisfied and hopefully the job Secure!

As a mix engineer it is our responsibility to make certain decisions with regards to the aural representation of the production. Be it overall loudness, spectral balance or genre specific treatment, certain decisions need to be thought of and made way in advance. Here are a few strategies I use to tackle sound for some of the largest events, be it Music, Sporting or Corporate.

Catch up on SLEEP

YES!! I ensure I get 2 full days of rest before any major event. Lack of sleep has a way of altering your hearing response. This manifests into issues like sinus and a feeling of blocked ear and nasal canal. This in turn would lead to un-natural equalization resulting in the source sounding harsher and unpleasant.

Never underestimate the importance of a venue walk around. Front to back, top to bottom. If nothing else you would add 5000 steps to your daily workout kitty. Listen specifically for drastic tonal and volume changes along your walk. This would be an easy giveaway of any inconsistencies in the sound system, be it inefficient coverage or dead circuits. I generally also tend to focus more on HF than LF. I would rather have slightly less LF in certain areas as opposed to having less HF. HF means clarity and any decision with regards to HF must supersede any other.

RTA System and SPL monitoring System

Carry your own trusty RTA System and SPL monitoring System. Yes as a sound engineer it is as important an investment as the best microphone on the block. The above are two things I would never travel without. These two tools give me consistency in tone and volume be it a show for 100 or 100,000 people.

Volume (How loud is too Loud)

No real hard and fast rule here. The question is, ‘How does one measure loudness?’ What I would consider loud for me, as a sound engineer, would be overkill for a general audience member. As sound engineers our listening threshold is much higher than the average concert goer. Pacing loudness makes the concert experience more exiting. The Softest soft to the loudest loud makes for a more dynamic and exciting experience for the audience. Choose, which would be the softest and loudest, sections of the concert, and pace your loudness accordingly.

103 dBA averaged over 15 minutes measured around 100 feet from the stage for a large concert is what I use.

103 dBA averaged over 15 minutes measured around 100 feet from the stage for a large concert is what I use. Also note... loudness being a function of HF, it serves no purpose to turn up LF and Subs. This just results in things sounding flat and muddy.

Choice of equipment

Agreed we all have our favorites when it comes to PA systems, Microphones and consoles. Make equipment decisions based on what works for the genre and the artist and NOT what suits your fancy. For example, the best condenser Vocal microphone won’t necessarily suit a heavy Rock and Roll Singer. Just like certain PA systems are very genre specific. I wont get into these specifics because most of you reading this will know what I mean. To put things in perspective, understand that you are the last line of defense between a source from stage and the audience’s ears. Now go ahead and plan your next move.

Mixing is a delicate blend of the artists vision, your vision and the impression you wish to impart to your audience. I will almost never take on a large mixing project if I don’t have access to a multi-track of at least 1 show of the client. I would listen to the material non-stop for a few days, and then get stuck into a multi-track mixing session. This session would include, building snapshots and notes for each song, and at times multiple snapshots per song.  I want to get into the show knowing as much of the material as possible before hand, and being prepared in advance. There is nothing worse that being in an event and not knowing your cues. Large concerts give us the liberty of time and a large crew; there should be no reason for us to not do our homework before showing up to work.

Considering that I need to have my hearing in best condition over a 3-hour concert duration, I tend to spend as little time with the PA at “full volume” before that show.  I will always have a pair of near field monitors, and do a decent amount of balancing to those monitors, again something that I trust and that translates well to the PA system. Sound-check of individual channels is usually done on PA, but post this checking of snapshots and mix balance usually on near fields, not at an unreasonable volume, regularly checking every few seconds on the House. I have found this process to be the most effective for keeping the ears as fresh as possible before the event commences.

Hope these tips, help in providing a insight into achieving consistency in your FOH mixes. Mix on.

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