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Articles July-August 2023

The Accidental Lighting Designer New!

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Articles July-August 2023

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Articles July-August 2023

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Articles July-August 2023

Post Show Review: 11th PALM Sound and Light Awards New!

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Articles July-August 2023

AV-ICN Expo's AV Architect of the Year New!

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India Grooves to Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha concert at Leela Bhartiya City, Thanisandra

Reynold's Sound & Lighting Services added to the acoustic experiences at the Boris Brejcha concert held in Leela Bhartiya City, Thanisandra. Performing a thorough recce of the venue, the well thought installation by Reyonld's was a success, providing powerful sound to the concert with a huge audience.

Sohel Alexander Dantes, Reynold's Chief Audio Engineer and recently appointed Technical Director, commenting on the deployment of sound at the Boris Brejcha concert, stated, "The Boris Brejcha concert was interesting and unlike other typical EDM setups. The brief was to have a 'boiler room' like setting, with VIP guests and top fans surrounding the DJ on all sides. This entailed a higher level of planning, as we had to ensure 2 things:

  • The audience around the DJ has great coverage and experience powerful sound as the rest of the venue.
  • The PA feeding the auxiliary audience areas does not disturb Boris' monitoring system."

To this effect, Boris' monitoring system comprised of 6 x KSL8 and 4 x KSL-Subs from pro audio manufacturer D&B Audiotechnik. This was deployed as a Left-Right ground-stacked system to give Boris an uncompromised monitoring experience.

Reynold's deploys monitoring system by D&B Audiotechnik, FOH equipment by DiGiCo, auxiliary system by Audio Focus, RF microphones by Shure, and the latest lighting inventory at Boris Brejcha concert

An Audio Focus system consisting of 16 x Ares8 boxes, reinforced with Audio Focus' single 18'' subwoofers (B-18a) fed the auxiliary audience areas. This was split into 4x Flown arrays of 4 tops each, with the subs cleverly placed between overlapping audience areas to get the best coverage. I designed a steerable cardioid sub stack on either side behind the DJ. This enabled us to steer the null (cancellation) to Boris' listening position and ensured that the low-end from the Auxiliary Audience system did not interfere with his monitoring. The D&B system being inherently cardioid ensured that Boris' monitoring levels did not interfere with what the audience was listening to.

At FOH, the audio for the show was controlled using a DiGiCo SD10 with dual redundant Waves Servers. Waves Superrack was put to use, which helped with bus processing for the outputs. I must say that this did make a massive impact when the headliner hit the stage!

The PA system comprised of 32 x KSL tops, 16 x SL-Subs, 4 x KSL-Subs and 8 x XSL Tops for center fill. Outline's flagship processor - Newton - was at the heart of the system, providing control and signal distribution to all amps via the Dante network. It also included a custom-built rig that converts Ethernet to Multimode Fiber and redundantly feeds all the amps in the system.

Besides this, a 6 x CDJ3000 + 6 x CDJ2000 NXS2 + 3 x DJM900 NXS2 was assigned for Boris and the other opening acts. RF microphones were all Shure Axient Digital.

The concert was also a chance to showcase the new inventory of lighting fixtures, namely the Collider FC and DiamondBack by EK Lighting. These new IP rated devils are equipped with wide colour temperature, perfect colour blending, stunning strobes and other effects to make programming a breeze. Notably, they also have a selectable PWM frequency to ensure flicker free video with all cameras.

Apart from the above-mentioned lighting fixtures, lighting inventory for the Boris Brejcha concert provided by Reynold's also consisted of:

  • 32 x PR 480 Aqua Beams
  • 6 x Cyan 6000XE Moving Head Wash
  • 14 x LED Blinders
  • 2 x Smoke machines from Look Solutions
  • 4 x Haze machines from Look Solutions


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