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Articles Jan-Feb 2023

Creating State-of-the-Art AUDIOVISUAL Experiences Surrounding The Statue of Unity New!

In PALM + AV-ICN's conference session titled 'AV Architect of the Year', Narendra Naidu, Chairman and MD, Rhino Engineers, talks about rendering jaw-dropping audiovisual technology for Gujarat's Statue of Unity and several other projects situated in its periphery... read more

Articles Jan-Feb 2023

Udaipur City Palace Comes Alive with Splat Studio & Dataton New!

Splat Studio makes use of Dataton's Watchout software to highlight India's culture and heritage on the palace's facade

The G20 Sherpa Meet in Udaipur, India witnessed a congregation of world leaders, who partook in key conversations on sustainable lifestyle, technological transformations, and more. The City of Lakes - the host of the G20 Sherpa Meet... read more

Articles Jan-Feb 2023

AV Innovations Galore at ISE Barcelona 2023 New!

ISE Barcelona 2023, held from January 31 - February 3, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain, witnessed a record-breaking footfall over the four-day show. Clocking in at 58,107 unique attendees from 155 countries around the world, the ISE Barcelona 2023 not only gave the global AV industry a much-needed push in the right direction after the two-year long COVID-19 pandemic... read more

Articles Jan-Feb 2023

BRINGING SOUND TO LIFE: Ashish Saksena on his Love & Passion for Live Sound Mixing New!

With more than 25 years of experience as a live sound engineer for musical stalwarts such as Shankar Ehsaan Loy and KK, Ashish Saksena has forged his craftsmanship with technical acumen in monitor mixing and Front of House mixing. But his expertise in sound engineering isn't restricted to the live stage. Even in the studio, Ashish knows how to make the mix dance to his own tunes. read more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

Leading with LED New!

PALM + AV-ICN reports on the latest popular, reliable, and cost-effective LED video walls available in the Indian pro AV industry today. From Barco's TruePix to NEC E Series, these indoor LED video walls are here to change the conferencing game in the long run. read more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

An 'AV'ant-Garde Fusion of Nature & Technology New!

Gujarat has always been a home to the greatest minds who believe in the concept of 'simple living, high thinking'. Be it Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, and India's current Prime Minister,Narendra Modi - these individuals have been a testimony to how a human being... read more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

Active LED Video Walls - Demystifying The AV Enigma by Abdul Waheed, CTS, Managing Director, EYTE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. New!

The ever changing video market is reaching new heights with active LED video walls. From projection to plasma displays; LCD to LED, the continuous journey for large size display wall is always challenging. The indirect light of projection system, to the thick breaking lines of Bezel in LCD and LED is always disturbing the impact of the high resolution content. The cost of Micro LED panels and the alignment issues didn't allow it to be a success. read more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

On Delivering Quality Mega Scale AV Projects in India New!

The PALM + AV-ICN conference session witnessed a panel of AV experts, Prashanth Govindhan, Claron D'souza, Abdul Waheed, and Kapil Thirwani sit for a dialogue on the evolution of Indian AV industry, how it differs from AV industries in other countries, and how moral is the concept of jugaad in the Indian AV sphere. In this article, read the highlights of the talk. read more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

Mondosonic Studios' Varun Krrishna on Preferring Analog-Over-Digital SetupNew!

Varun Krrishna is not just a mixing engineer and music producer out of profession, but also out of passion. With an ardent love for music, Varun Krrishna is also the founder and owner of Mondosonic Studios in Kerala, a space he has built for music to breathe free. So, it isn’t a surprise that the man of music is always in a quest to stay abreast with the latest trends in the world of acoustics, and knows just how big the spatial audio boom is. To encapsulate the essence of spatial sound, Varun Krrishna is upgrading Mondosonic Studios with an extension for spatial audio. read more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

Dialing it up: Ashish Saksena on how Monitor Mixing can Elevate a PerformanceNew!

What does it take to create a technically accurate monitor mix and put the stage performance on a pedestal? Ashish Saksena, Live Sound Engineer for Shankar Ehsaan Loy & Late KK, spills the beans on crafting a good monitor mix in PALM + AV-ICN conference session titled, 'How Good Monitor Mixing Can Boost A Performance.'read more

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Digital Lights


Robe Digital Spot 7100 DT

DigitalSpot 7100 DT is Robe’s Digital Moving Light Projector, based upon LCD and LED technology. This unique combination of a digital projector and two powerful RGBW LED modules offers digital gobo effects and the projection of highly saturated colors -- all in a single moving light fixture.

The DigitalSpot 7100 DT emits 7,000 ANSI lumens from a single 330W projection lamp with a contrast ratio of 3,000:1. Each of its two LED modules consists of 48 Luxeon Rebel RGBW LEDs and provides an extremely bright light output across the full color spectrum. Offering DVI input and SDI input/output, the company says the DigitalSpot 7100 DT is aimed at the top level professional markets and applications.

The DigitalSpot 7100 DT was marketed as an ideal tool for all profesional entertainment and leisure applications including corporate events, concert touring, TV, and theatres.

Main Features include:

• 4 digital gobo layers for image and video control
• Graphic engine supports a total of more than 60.000 original and user-created videos/gobos usable on all gobo layers
• Individual X and Y positioning and scaling for each gobo layer
• Layer Media Control Modes (Copy, Add, Subtract, Multi, Minimum and Maximum)
• Banner Effects creating action scripts for Images or Videos
• Digital Iris effect + 160 Masking effects
• Full Key-Stone correction
• Digital strobe effect
• CMY Image and Video Colour Mixing and CTC (Colour Temperature Correction)
• 2 Effect Engines per Layer with more than one hundred effects
• Huge amount of Default Images/Videos
• Import of User Images or Videos
• Effect video synchronization
• Picture Merging effect in the field up to 64 segments in several different matrice
• Integrated LEDWash Module
• Full range dimming

Mechanical Specifications

• Height: 882 mm (34.7″)
• Width: 542 mm (21.3″)
• Depth: 629 mm (24.8″)
• Weight: 48 kg (105.8 lbs)

Martin Exterior 400 Image Projector

The Exterior 400 Image Projector is a powerful tool for integrating textures, patterns and graphics in outdoor lighting designs. At over 7000 lumens, the fixture can be used for bright and dynamic logo projection, as well as precision framing.

Using advanced LED technology, the Exterior 400 Image Projector stands apart for its energy efficiency, compact size and incredible design flexibility.

Main Features include:

• Bright and energy efficient LED projection (+7000 lumens)
• Up to six customizable gobos (two included with fixture)
• Up to eight customizable colors (blue and orange included with fixture)
• Rugged IP65 housing
• Narrow, medium and wide beam angle options
• Pre-programmable effects, such as: continuous image rotation, color scrolling,focus, dimming


Elation Professional EMOTION, a digital moving light that marked the company’s entry into the digital lighting market. A joint project between Elation Professional and High End Systems, the EMOTION is a compact yet powerful moving head digital luminaire.

The EMOTION is a plug and play DMX moving light just like a traditional moving light yet houses an on-board media server. Think of it as a moving light with 100s of digital gobo patterns and animation effects with a projection quality that allows for use in a wide range of professional stage, studio, theatrical, club and event applications.

This next generation moving head digital light houses a built-in content library that includes the entire Elation gobo catalogue with royalty-free digital art videos, gobos and animations ideal for scenic or aerial projection effects.

Each of two onboard layers includes 255 built-in, royalty-free, stock content media libraries. Users can manipulate each layer by adding up to 40 different live effects to videos or 28 different transition effects between layers. These include gobo rotation effects, colour effects for images and backgrounds.

In addition to content on board the internal 64GB solid-state hard drive, users can easily upload custom user content via a network connection via a CMA application. The EMOTION can also link via Art-Net and CITP network protocols to view images on a lighting console for easy programming. It integrates seamlessly with the HedgeHog4 console, also offered by Elation.

With a fully expanded color-mixing system producing over one billion colours via a special 6-wheel system, the fixture also provides a very high contrast ratio and extremely flat field of light. The features a high power 240W OSRAM discharge lamp, delivering up to 4,000 ANSI lumens at 3,000 hours of lamp life with an XGA video output resolution of 1024x768 via the industry-standard Texas Instruments DLP / DMD chip..

Main Features include:

• Slim, Compact Digital Moving Head
• High Output Projector (4,000 ANSI lumens)
• 240W UHP Lamp – 3,000 hrs
• On-Board Media Server w/ 64GB SSHD
• Dual Layer Control of Media Content
• 255 Video Images Included – Royalty FREE
• 40 Live / Background Effects and Color Control
• 28 Transition Effects Between Layers
• Elation Gobo Catalogue Included – Royalty FREE
• User Custom Content Easily Uploaded via CMA Application
• Fast, Compact, Lightweight, Powerful

High End DLHD

The DLHD Digital Light was touted by the company as the first High Definition integrated moving digital light in the market. High End Systems, one of the pioneers of digital lighting, have reportedly pushed the boundaries further, taking digital lighting to the next level with this product. This revolutionary fixture is integrated with an Axon HD media server that is loaded with a wealth of High Definition digital content. Coupled with a high output QuaDrive light engine, the DLHD delivers bright, crisp and beautiful images to fuel creativity.

DLHD offers the industry a tool which is limitless in it its application, totally flexible and utterly awe-inspiring!

It is mounted like any other intelligent moving luminaire and controlled using standard DMX or Art-Net cabling and protocols. Plug-and-play integration with other fixtures can be easily achieved.

Due to the powerful High Definition onboard media server, expensive video infrastructure, racks of equipment and long setup times are a thing of the past.

A Content Management Application running on your PC workstation or laptop computer gives you remote access to manage and upload content, upgrade software as well as configure multiple DLHD’s on a fixture network.

The DLHD represents the fifth generation of digital lighting products from High End Systems Inc. and is the flag ship addition to the product line, which includes the Axon HD and HD Pro Media Servers.

Main Features include:

• 1920 x 1080 ‘Full HD’ Projection Engine
• QuaDriveTM LCD for saturated colour reproduction and increased brightness
• DLHD software based on Windows 7 Embedded, DirectX 11 and FFMPEG
• Pixel Accurate rendering and playback of content
• Powerful Content Management and Configuration suite can remotely manage multiple DLHD fixtures
• Supports importing and playback of custom content includingDMX512 and Art-Net support
• Multi Codec Media Files
• 3D Objects
• Still Images
• Remote software upgrade capability
• High Definition Royalty-free stock digital art collection HD (approx 260 files)
• SDI capture with loop through

Robe Minime

The Robe Minime, bar, club and retail lighting has taken another step into the digital future. The MiniMe is an effects lighting luminaire with the addition of full video output. This small, neat, fast moving fixture is LED driven with 20,000 hour lifetime source. Colours, Gobos and beam shapes are all digitally generated by the onboard micro-media server. Custom artwork, still photographs and video can also be simply uploaded for projection, whilst live video can be streamed through the High Definition Multimedia Interface input.

Main features include:

• Light source: RGB LED device
• Light output: Comparable with 2500 ANSI lumen lamp projectors
• Rated light source life: 20000 hours
• Digital Gobo/Image Projection Output
• Aspect ratio: 16:10
• Resolution: WXGA (1280x800)
• Beam Angle: 16°
• Throw ratio: 3.5:1
• Contrast ratio: 700:1
• Display colours: 16.7 million colours
• Electromechanical Effects
• Pan: 450°, Tilt: 270°
• Upload and projection of custom artwork, still photographs and videos from USB memory stick
• Live input via external High Definition Multimedia Interface
• Setting & Addressing: two-row LCD display & 4 control buttons
• Protocols: USITT DMX-512, RDM, ArtNet
• Optional wireless external module available: CRMX™ technology from Lumen Radio
• Control channels: 24
• 1 DMX protocol mode
• Ethernet port: Art-Net, ready for ACN
• Digital gobo wheel with gobos, images and videos
• RGB or CMY colour mixing
• Virtual colour wheel with pre-programmed 234 colours including 7.500 K white
• Colour effect wheel with wide range of in-built colour effects (colour transitions and cross-fades, multiple colour images, rainbow effects)
• Effect wheel with wide range of graphic effects (Kaleidoscopic effect, fish eye, iris, zoom, swirl effect, pixelation effect, cross-stitching, posterization, and more…)
• Effect speed control
• Horizontal/Vertical keystoning
• Smooth dimmer
• Shutter and strobe effects
• Height: 345 mm (13.6”) – head in vertical position
• Width: 249 mm (9.8”)
• Depth: 191 mm (7.5”)
• Weight: 6 kg (13.2 lbs)
• Rigging
• Mounting points: 1 pair of ¼-turn locks
• 1 x Omega bracket with ¼-turn quick locks

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