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Articles July-August 2023

The Accidental Lighting Designer New!

Lloyd Albuquerque, in a conversation with PALM Magazine, reveals his foray and plans as the go-to "light guy" in the pro lighting industry. read more

Articles July-August 2023

The Future Of AV Is Virtual New!

This year's AV-ICN Expo introduced visitors to a reality that is equally virtual and tangible through a walkthrough with VR headsets. read more

Articles July-August 2023

Epson Captures Big Screen Mapping Projector's Demand at AV-ICN Expo New!

Yoshino San shared Epson's strategy, purpose, and exhibit display theme at AV-ICN expo with Chopra San. read more

Articles July-August 2023

Post Show Review: 11th PALM Sound and Light Awards New!

PALM Sound & Light Awards honoured deserving individuals and companies from the pro sound and lighting industry in its 11th edition. read more

Articles July-August 2023

AV-ICN Expo's AV Architect of the Year New!

In a dramatic moment at the 11th PALM Sound & Light Awards, Founder Anil Chopra announced Kelvin Ashby-King the 'AV Architect of the Year' 2023. read more

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CDJs & Media Players

Loops and Beats

Continuing with its lineup of DJ equipment, PALM Technology presents a lineup of six popular CDJs / Media Players in the global market. CDJs have ushered in an exciting new era of DJing where the ‘spinmaster’ may not be called to DJ with vinyl at all and this guide is intended for all the controller DJs out there who have decided to get tech-savvy about CDJs.

Denon DJ SC5000

The DJ SC5000 Prime from Denon is a digital DJ Media Player with a high definition, hi-contrast display, enables multi-touch gestures for the ultimate in latency-free, tactile track navigation, load and playback. It is also the world’s first DJ Player capable of on-board music file analysis.

Main Features include:

• 7-inch HD display with multi-touch gestures
• 24-bit/96kHz digital audio outputs
• Dual-layer playback with individual audio outputs
• Plays uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV)
• 8 multifunction trigger pads for Cues, Loops, Slices and Rolls
• 8-inch rugged metal jog wheel with HD central display
• Customizable RGB color around the jog wheel
• (3) USB and (1) SD input for music playback
• LAN output to link to up to four players
• Import Rekordbox® files and database content from an inserted USB/SD, directly into the SC5000.

Tech Specifications:

♦ Audio:
• Analog Output: 2.0 Vrms (0 dBFS, 1 kHz)
• Dynamic Range: 116 dB
• Distortion (THD+N): < 0.0015%
• Frequency Range: 22–22,000 Hz
♦ Digital Output:
• Sampling Rate: 96 kHz
• Bit Depth: 24-bit
♦ Platter:
• 8.0” / 203 mm (diameter)
• Metal construction with display & touch-capacitive circuitry
♦ Power:
• Connection: IEC
• Input Voltage: 110–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Consumption: 75 W
♦ Dimensions (width x depth x height):
• 320mm X 419mm X 135mm
• 12.6” x 16.5” x 5.3”
• 32.0 x 41.9 x 13.5 cm
♦ Weight (without USB and power cable): 8.79 lbs. / 4 kg

Gemini MDJ-500

The Gemini MDJ-500 is a compact professional DJ player / controller designed to offer the flexibility of playing from USB jump drives or from a computer, while maintaining a natural ‘hands on’ control. With a large 4.3-inch vivid full-color screen, it provides real-time visual feedback of the tracks. Full track information including Title, Time, BPM, and Pitch are clearly displayed alongside the precise full-size waveform window.

Main Features include:

• Full-featured USB media player with 4.3″ color screen, moving waveform, and onboard search and analysis
• 5″ high resolution touch platter is perfect for even the most demanding performance
• Manual and BPM-based auto looping makes it easy to create builds or extend breaks
• 4 hot cues per track let you jump to that sample or drop with ease
• The 100mm pitch fader and adjustable pitch ranges from 4% to 100% let you mix with surgical precision
• Slip Mode means you can use scratches or hot cues without ruining your mix
• Multiple platter modes available, including reverse play, vinyl, and stutter cue
• MIDI Mode turns your MDJ-500 into the ultimate platter controller – complete with on-screen deck info* (*in Virtual DJ).

Technical Specification:

• Outputs: Stereo RCA outputs and S/PDIF digital audio outputs
• Plays: MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF formats
• BPM functions: Including auto (sync), manual (tap), and BPM lock
• Variable pitch control: With six settings: +/- 4%, 8%, 16%, 24%, 50%, 100% and Master Tempo control
• Start/Stop: Time jog mode adjustment
• Dimensions: 290 x 220 x 111 mm
• Weight: 2.6 kg

Numark NDX500

Numark NDX500 is a USB/CD media player and software controller, capable of playing and mixing music from virtually any digital audio source.

Main Features include:

• Control DJ software and play music from USB flash drives, CDs, or MP3 CDs
• Built-in USB computer audio interface for playing back music from your Mac or PC
• Touch-sensitive scratch and search wheel for unprecedented control
• Control DJ software via USB MIDI
• Auto BPM with tap override for instant tempo analysis
• Start/stop time adjustment for vinyl-style braking
• Three hot cues for quick access to key points
• Seamless looping with stutter start for easy loop creation and integration
• Pitch tracks up or down by up to 100%
• Master Tempo preserves key while pitch-shifting
• Anti-Shock buffered skip-protection technology
• Text display for quickly and easily navigating media files
• Pre-mapped for deep integration with Serato DJ*
• Class-compliant, instantly works with Windows and Mac OS X, no driver required.

Technical Specification:

• Output Connectors: Stereo RCA Jacks
• Input Connections: USB
• Pitch Control Range: ± 4, 8, 16, or 100%
• Loop Points: Yes
• Effects: Brake, Reverse
• Time Display: Track elapsed, track remaining, total remaining (CDs)
• Supported Formats: Redbook CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3 CD
• Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (±2 dB)
• THD: <0.03%
• Signal to Noise Ratio: 80 dB (A-weighted)
• Output Level: 1.9 V (±0.2)
• Channel Separation: Channel Separation: >80 dB
• Channel Difference: <1 dB
• Power Requirements: Supply: 115 / 230 VAC, 60 Hz / 50 Hz
• Consumption: 20 W
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 8.5 x 11.5 x 4.2” / 21.6 x 29.2 x 10.7 cm
• Weight: 7.1 lb / 3.2 kg
• Package Weight: 9.25 lb
• Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.5 x 11.8 x 6.4”

Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000NXS2

Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-2000NXS2 is a flagship media player with all the best features from its predecessor – the CDJ-2000NXS.

Main features:

• IMPROVED SOUND DESIGN: It has a 96 kHz/24-bit sound card

Digital Out and Analogue noise is reduced to a minimum by a high-performance 32-bit D/A converter and separate analogue power supply.

• LARGE TOUCH SCREEN: The 7-inch, full-colour touch screen gives instinctive control of features. It displays all the info, including Wave Zoom, Needle Countdown, Phase Meter, and more. Keyword Search and Track Filter mode helps to browse and select tracks faster for an effortless performance.
• 8 HOT CUES: Set cue points in rekordbox and customise their colours. 2 banks of 4 colour-illuminated Hot Cues put instant playback of pre-set cue points at your fingertips.
• BEAT PERFECT: Quantize snaps cues and loops to the rekordbox beat grid for a reliable performance every time.
• ADD A DDJ-SP1: Add the DDJ-SP1 to your set-up and access even more performance features. Simply plug in a USB cable and control up to 4 CDJ-2000NXS2s using Pro DJ Link.

Tech Specifications:

• Width: 320 mm
• Height: 113.2 mm
• Depth: 414.4 mm
• Weight: 5.7 kg
• Processor: Asahi Kasei DAC (AK4490EQ)
• Soundcard: 24 bit/96 kHz
• Frequency Range: 4 - 40000 Hz
• Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 115 dB
• Distortion: < 0.0018 %
• Audio Output Level: 2.0 Vrms (1 kHz, 0 dB)
• Power Consumption: 41 W
♦ Display
• Display: 7-inch, full-colour LCD touch screen
• On Jog Display: Yes
♦ Performance Control
• Jog Dial size: 206 mm
• Hot Cue: Yes
• Slip Mode: Yes
• Reverse: Yes
• Needle Search / Needle Drop: Yes
• My Settings: Yes
• Vinyl Speed Adjust: Yes
♦ Terminals
• Audio Sources: iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, Android phones/Android Tablet, USB storage devices (flash memory/HDD, etc.), SD Card, Computers (Mac/Windows PC), Optical drive (CD, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW/R-DL)
• LAN: 1 (100Base-TX)
• USB: 1 USB A port & 1 USB B port
• Outputs: 1 ANALOGUE (RCA) & 1 Digital (Coaxial)

Reloop RMP-4

The RMP-4 hybrid media player from Reloop is an addition to the RMP series and an ideal combination of CD player, USB player and performance software controller.

Main features include:

• Hybrid Media Player: Play Audio from CDs, USB Drives and Control Software via MIDI
• Performance layout supports intuitive work flow
• Quick Source Select: CD, USB or MIDI Mode
• USB 2.0 port for the connection of hard disks, USB sticks, flash drives
• Four performance modes with 8 Trigger Pads: Hot Cue, Hot Loop, Loop Roll, Sampler
• Sync function for auto beat matching two connected RMP-4 with analysed tracks (USB Master/Slave)
• Smart-Link Connection: Connect two RMP-4 players to share one USB source, control software and beat sync
• Navigation Encoder with Push function
• Large, high-resolution 100 mm pitch fader
• Micro Pitch adjustment (+/- 0,01%)
• Database Manager Software for Mac & PC software for analysing your music library for fast access
• High-Volume Club Quality-Sound output
• MIDI Mappings available for popular DJ software
• Pitch Range select from 4-100%
• Info Button / ID3 Tag Toggle
• Manual Loop In/Out/Exit/Reloop
• Auto BPM counter / Manual TAP mode / Manual BPM Adjust
• Large CUE/PLAY/CUP transport controls
• Loop Adjust In/Out via Jog Wheel
• Half/Double Loop access
• Shock absorbing feet

Technical Specification:

• Supported formats: MP3, WAVE, AAC, AIFF
• Output level: 2 V
• Signal-to-noise ratio: 90 dB
• Frequency range: 17 – 20 kHz
• Distortion: 0.006% – 0.007%
• Anti-shock: 19 seconds
• Outputs: RCA (analogue)
• USB: 1 USB port A, 1 USB port B
• USB format: FAT 12/16/32
• Power consumption: 18 W
• Power source: AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
• Pitch accuracy: 0.15%
• Dimensions: 320 x 340.5 x 112.6 mm
• Weight: 3.91 kg


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