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Articles July-August 2023

The Accidental Lighting Designer New!

Lloyd Albuquerque, in a conversation with PALM Magazine, reveals his foray and plans as the go-to "light guy" in the pro lighting industry. read more

Articles July-August 2023

The Future Of AV Is Virtual New!

This year's AV-ICN Expo introduced visitors to a reality that is equally virtual and tangible through a walkthrough with VR headsets. read more

Articles July-August 2023

Epson Captures Big Screen Mapping Projector's Demand at AV-ICN Expo New!

Yoshino San shared Epson's strategy, purpose, and exhibit display theme at AV-ICN expo with Chopra San. read more

Articles July-August 2023

Post Show Review: 11th PALM Sound and Light Awards New!

PALM Sound & Light Awards honoured deserving individuals and companies from the pro sound and lighting industry in its 11th edition. read more

Articles July-August 2023

AV-ICN Expo's AV Architect of the Year New!

In a dramatic moment at the 11th PALM Sound & Light Awards, Founder Anil Chopra announced Kelvin Ashby-King the 'AV Architect of the Year' 2023. read more

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JBL exudes energy at Black Haven integrated by Dev Electronics

The superlative audio system at Black Haven has been designed and integrated by Mumbai-based comprehensive solutions provider Dev Electronics, wherein the audio scheme consists of a prominent house system along with a competent PA system, both of which work in unison to efficiently handle the music delivery.

The comprehensive house system comprises products from global pro audio brand – JBL, with a total of 5 units of the SRX815P high quality two-way bass reflex self-powered loudspeakers - flown from the ceiling, deployed in tandem with 2 units of the SRX828S 18” dual self-powered subwoofers -ground stacked, each of which are placed strategically to deliver uniform coverage with great clarity and impact. Coherently, the venue is also laced with multiple units of the JBL Control28 loudspeakers deployed across the expanse to ensure optimum coverage and impact. The DJ console - Nexus 2 DJ system from Pioneer takes center stage with 2 units of the CDJ2000NXS2 player/controller + 1 unit of the DJM850 DJ mixer.

Speaking about the experience that Ketan Shetty of Dev Electronics and his team have had on being associated with the Black Haven project, he shared, “It has been our pleasure to be a part of such a memorable project. The place in itself has a great charm to it and so we realized that having the right audio system in place would only make it even more fantastic and unforgettable. Thanks to the effort and support of each and every person who was a part of the project. The management has done a great job with the entire project, and we’re sure that the string of success will just keep growing in the future!”

Located in Borivali, Mumbai, Black Haven has quickly gained a reputation as one of the city’s latest party hot-spot as a result of its mix of good food and beverage along with a regale ambience that only sweetens the experience.

Black Haven has successfully asserted itself as a leisure dining and party destination amalgamating a refreshing open air ambience that provides a scenic panorama of the surrounding area, along with quality and innovative FnB service in addition to a huge variety of rejuvenating beverages.

Also Black Haven scores high on music and elevates the leisure experience for their diners and patrons through a spectrum of music that includes classical instrumental to electronic lounge programmed in a manner that exudes seamless progression through the day. It makes this aural experience even more enchanting and heightened with the comprehensive world class pro audio setup integrated at the space.

Talking about the kind of impact the overall vibe of the place has had on patrons who visit the place, a senior member of the Black Haven management mentioned, “Ask any of our patrons and they’ll tell you that they absolutely love the vibe at Black Haven. The people who stay in and around the surrounding area have always wished for a space that delivered a premium chill-out experience with good food and a great ambience. And we’re proud to say that Black Haven has delivered just that and quite emphatically. Apart from the food and drinks which the people absolutely fawn over, many of our patrons rave about the quality of music they experience at Black Haven. They say it’s clear and impactful yet unobtrusive, which makes their leisure experience even more enjoyable. And, that’s exactly the kind of experience we wish for all our customers. The entire team at Dev Electronics has done a fabulous job with the audio setup and there’s absolutely no doubt about it. As of now the crowds love the music and we know for a fact that the system here is so versatile and incredible that we can host parties with high energy DJ music playing without even having to think once if the system would be able to handle it. We know for sure that the crowd would absolutely love it!”


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