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Articles September - October 2023

Capturing The True Essence Of Sound New!

From Lewitt Audio's Pure Tube Microphone to Sennheiser's Profile USB Microphone, these studio microphones offer precise audio quality to the users and deliver crisp, clear sound. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Photo Feature: Studio Showcase New!

From A.R. Rahman's studio in Mumbai to composer Raag Sethi's first Dolby-compliant studio in Gujarat, PALM Expo Magazine's Studio Showcase features the latest studios in India. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Mastering The Art Of Sound With Donal Whelan New!

Whelan talks to the PALM Expo Magazine Team and discusses his foray into the world of mastering, his unique experience at the PALM Conference 2023, and more. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Nx Audio Celebrates Two Decades Of Pro Audio Journey New!

Nx Audio completes 20 years of delivering pro audio products for the Indian pro sound industry. Read about Nx Audio's journey over the last two decades. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Mumbai Studio Explores New Verticals With Genelec Monitors New!

The combination of Genelec Smart Active Monitors and digital audio interface delivered an ideal monitoring solution for BOING Recording Studios. read more

Articles September - October 2023

IRAA Awards 2023: Jury Reflections New!

Read about IRAA Jury's perspective on the bigger questions in the music industry - AI for music production, the status of mega consoles, & emerging trends in sound recording & mixing. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Gray Spark Audio Opens New Studio For Academy Students New!

PALM Expo Magazine Team talks to Ronak Runwal to explore how the newly-designed Studio D is poised to become a recording haven for the academy students. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Firdaus Studio: Building A Sonic Paradise For Recording Artists New!

The Firdaus Studio by A.R. Rahman stands as a beacon of innovation in the music production industry. PALM Expo Magazine explores the making of the musical maestro's magnus opus in the recording landscape. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Naveen Deshpande Elevates Stand-Up Comedy with Bespoke Lighting Designs New!

Naveen Deshpande, a renowned lighting designer, made heads turn through his recent collaboration with India's leading stand-up comedian, Zakir Khan, during the latter's international tour. read more

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DTS LIGHTING Expands Its Range Of Fresnel Wash Projector

Alchemy 7 with a 2-blade framing system

DTS LIGHTING, the Italian company Two years after launching Alchemy 5 has decided to expand its range of Fresnel wash moving heads: Alchemy 7 is designed to extend the range and offer a more powerful option. 

DTS’s Alchemy line already features high-quality light, an extended color palette, and versatility. The Alchemy’s 250 mm Fresnel lens and a 6-color LED source made it possible to label it a “new generation” Fresnel moving head. 

Alchemy 7 was launched with one of its focal points being its superior-quality light. Like its predecessors, Alchemy 7 features a 6-color chip LED source that allows recreating a wide range of shades, especially when it comes to pastel tones. Moreover, its tungsten emulation function will allow the LED projector to generate the same effect as halogen lamps on the dimming curve. 

From a technical standpoint, Alchemy 7 presents some notable new features like a 2-blade framing system with a 180° full system rotation and a more powerful lumen output that reaches up to 22,000 lumens. This output is nearly constant throughout its linear CCT that goes from 1,800 K to 10,000 K, granting CRI and TLCI values up to 98 and 96. 

The capability of the Alchemy series regarding color management and white calibration is reconfirmed in Alchemy 7. A vast array of gel filters is never enough, except with this luminaire where desaturation or gel mixing is possible, even when changing color temperature or when calibrating the green tint. 

The combination of the vast creative possibilities this projector allows, and its enhanced technical features make it possible to satisfy the most complex lighting demands and to uphold a new standard of quality in the most prestigious venues around the world. 


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