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Articles Nov-Dec 2022

Dialing it up: Ashish Saksena on how Monitor Mixing can Elevate a PerformanceNew!

What does it take to create a technically accurate monitor mix and put the stage performance on a pedestal? Ashish Saksena, Live Sound Engineer for Shankar Ehsaan Loy & Late KK, spills the beans on crafting a good monitor mix in PALM + AV-ICN conference session titled, 'How Good Monitor Mixing Can Boost A Performance.'read more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

Revisiting Guwahati's Glorious Past: Tricolor India Schauspiel Delivers Assam's First 3D Projection Mapping at Gandhi Mandap Memorial MuseumNew!

PALM + AV-ICN spoke to Himanshu Singh Sabharwal, Creative Director, Tricolor India Schauspiel, to explore how the company illuminated The Ray of the East at Gandhi Mandap Memorial Museum to celebrate Assam's history, heritage, and culture at its more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

Indian AV Specialist Certification CourseNew!

The AV Industry participated in CAVS first two course editions in Mumbai. Third CAVS course is scheduled to be held in Ahmedabad in March 2023. PALM AV-ICN magazine interviewed the promoter and founder of CAVS in India, Anil Chopra to understand the credibility, validity and legitimacy of AV-ICN's CAVS more

Articles Nov-Dec 2022

Are Lamp Projectors Slowly Becoming Obsolete?New!

Gone are the days of worrying about the lamp projector fizzling out, requiring bi-annual lamp replacement. With lamp-free projectors, LED projectors, and laser projectors, the time has come for uninterrupted projection to crystallize. But, does that mean no one needs a lamp projectors anymore? In this article, Pooja Shah, Editorial Assistant, PALM + AV-ICN, reports on the viability of a lamp more

Articles Sep-Oct 2022

Compass Box Studio's Raag Sethi Elevates His Recordings with Audient iD14 and ASP800 New!

Ahmedabad-based Raag Sethi is a man of many talents. He is a music producer, a music composer, an engineer, bassist, and guitarist with his own studio, named Compass Box Studio. Having collaborated on one-take, live sessions with renowned artists, musicians, and labels, Raag Sethi understands the gravitas behind working with the best-in-class sound equipment. read more

Articles Sep-Oct 2022

In Conversation with Krishna Tripathi, NEC at InfoComm India 2022 New!

Krishna Tripathi, General Manager, Display Solutions, NEC Corporation India Private Limited, joins Anil Chopra, Founding Director, PALM AV-ICN, for a quick conversation, where he talks about fail-safe display solutions for mission-critical applications, the rise of Micro LED and DVLED, and the revolutionary products on display at the NEC Booth at InfoComm India 2022. read more

Articles Sep-Oct 2022

Colour And Sound As Healing New!

How is the New Normal treating you? How different is yours from your Old Normal? Crazier and more stressful? It's said that if you have a normal life, 30 minutes of meditation and self-reflection is a healthy tonic. If, however you are super busy and lead particularly stressful lives, you need at least 60 minutes of the same. To uncross the tangled wires and cluttered messages inside your head. On one side they tell me that if you don't sleep enough - you will die. Now another hour wasted on meditation. Tell that to my boss / client who demands 25 hours a more

Articles Sep-Oct 2022

Sound, Uninterrupted Six Pendant Speakers to invest in this yearNew!

From Yamaha to JBL and Extron to Bose, pendant speakers have reimagined, restructured, and revolutionized sound in commercial spaces. PALM AV-ICN reports on the six investment-worthy pendant speakers from the AV more

Articles Sept-Oct 2022

Roger Drego on Creating Fail-Proof Sound for Mega Live Events New!

In a session titled 'Performance Guarantee of Mega Scale Live Sound Projects', Roger Drego, Managing Director, Electrocraft, took to the stage at PALM Conference 2022 to share invaluable challenges and insights with regards to guaranteeing fail-proof sound reinforcement during showtime. read more

Articles Sept-Oct 2022

Bringing Futuristic AV Ideas To Life New!

MMRDA, responsible for promoting, monitoring, and developing various sectors in Maharashtra, including, but not limited to transport, housing, water supply and more, entrusted EYTE to revamp and upgrade Wadala Monorail Depot's Boardroom with state-of-the-art AV infrastructure. Abdul Waheed, Managing Director, EYTE Technologies Pvt Ltd, in conversation with PALM Technology, reveals how his team transformed the visage and acoustics of the boardroom and managed to execute the impossible feat in a matter of seven days. read more

Articles Sept-Oct 2022

Exploring the Dynamics of India's Pro AV market with Renkus-HeinzNew!

Renkus-Heinz is a professional loudspeaker company known for its innovative technology that redefines sound to empower its audience. PALM+AV-ICN got in touch with Karan Kathuria, Renkus-Heinz's Director of Sales and Business Development, Asia, Oceania and SAARC, to learn more about the company's plans for India and its strategy to stimulate growth across different more

Articles Sept-Oct 2022

7 New Trends in AV Conferencing to look out for this year New!

From augmented meetings and interactive whiteboards to LED video walls and seamless acoustics - Pooja Shah, Editorial Assistant at PALM AV-ICN, reports a comprehensive roundup of the biggest AV conferencing trends to keep an eye out for in 2022. read more

Articles July-Aug 2022

IRAA 2021 Winners Felicitation New!

The IRAA 2021 winners were felicitated at the PALM expo on 28th May 2022 in the presence of Jury members. Check out the pics here. Nominations for IRAA 2022 close on 30th October so hurry and send in your nominations now! read more

Articles July-Aug 2022

PALM AV-ICN Expo 2022 - Glimpses & HighlightsNew!

The PALM AV-ICN Expo 2022, held from May 26 - May 28, 2022 at Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, witnessed 20,000+ unique visitors from the world of pro audio, display, lighting, and integration. Take a look at the three-day expo's glimpses. read more

Articles July-Aug 2022

HARMAN Live Arena dazzles with a range of latest audio and lighting gearNew!

The HARMAN Live Arena one of the most popular demo features at the PALM Expo entered its 11th year. The Live Arena facilitates live demonstrations of advanced sound and lighting systems, through three-day live musical performances, featuring popular and budding artists and bands from the country's independent music more

Articles July-Aug 2022

CAVS (Certified AV Specialist) Course returns for its second consecutive editionNew!

The ethos of CAVS is to provide an independent neutral education forum suited to Indian AV ecosystem to gain their commitment to a future career in AV as a technician and join an integration team on par. AV professionals in India were imparted basic knowledge of AV from May 26 - May 28, 2022 at the CAVS three-day more

Articles July-Aug 2022

PALM AV-ICN Conference & SeminarNew!

Curated by PALM AV-ICN magazine, the PALM Conference & Seminar was the optimum learning and networking platform for attendees, where the best talent and top-notch professionals from the country shared their expertise, skills and knowledge. read more

Articles July-Aug 2022

High Quality Attendance At Palm & Av-Icn Expo 2022New!

The professional sound, professional display, professional lighting and integration market of importers, distributors, dealers and actual users congregated in full strength at the BEC, Mumbai, to witness the largest display of product range from top global brands, sourcing millions of dollars inventory for distribution and rental.... read more

Articles July-Aug 2022

IRAA strikes an energetic progress path with new chiefNew!

K.J. Singh recording engineer of brave new-gen albums is a spirited veteran deeply involved with Indian recording arts and professionals. The entire jury of IRAA after years is now entirely fresh, newly appointed by KJ... read more

Articles July-Aug 2022

Attendees to PALM & AV-ICN Expo 2022New!

PALM AV-ICN 2022 proved to be far busier and well attended than expected. Who exactly attends and exhibits at India's foremost audio, lighting, and audiovisual technology expo? Read on for detailed breakdown of the attendee figures... read more

Articles July-Aug 2022

Chopra's Keynote Pushes For Indian Manufacturing, Indian BrandsNew!

The 20th PALM Convention Keynote address by Founding Director Anil Chopra gave a clarion call for major investment into manufacturing pro audio, pro lighting and pro AV hardware in India... read more

Articles July-Aug 2022

What to expect from NEC at InfoComm India 2022New!

Joining PALM AV-ICN for a quick interview is Krishna Tripathi, General Manager, Display Solutions, NEC Corporation India Private Limited, wherein he elaborates on the exciting products attendees will be able to witness at the NEC Booth E20 at InfoComm India... read more

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LED events sans talent

Despite new age technologies and great technicians having transformed the experience of attending a live show in India, lighting industry expert - Viraf Pocha, finds the euphoria of attending a live event in India, missing. In this column he discusses the need to reinterpret, redefine and recreate a holistic live show experience - one in which event producers, the government and venue owners come together to work out a winning formula, which will keep audiences engaged and coming back for more.

Thrilled and worried

These could be the Best of Times. This Could be the Worst of Times for the Event Industry.

When I look around me - I am Equal Parts Thrilled and Equal Parts Worried. Our Industry is crossing milestone after milestone every season. Bigger.... Brighter....

Yet, I don’t see the energy and the euphoria that normally accompanies such success.

Is it my imagination? Do You agree?

I don’t recall seeing any really big innovation for years. Sure LED walls are drowning out everything in sight. Apart from a few scattered shows, almost every show I see seems to be a rehash of something else.

And our audiences have started noticing. An astute concert promoter once told me that when he went out to check a new act - he spent just a few moments looking at the performers. He would concentrate on the audience reaction. Was it studied or spontaneous?

If the performer had his/her audience enthralled, he could not give a hoot about how good or bad they were. If the audience was enthralled - they would buy tickets.

These days most shows follow a formula. All the shows are very light on content and try to make up by liberal use of technology. But each section could be copy paste out of any one of a dozen similar shows. Very few audience these days are walking out of a performance space with a smile or a look of fulfilment on their faces.

The other day I was lucky to see a conversation between Sir Ian McKellen and Aamir Khan - two actors chatting for a bit, with interjections from an enthusiastic compere, and ending with Sir Ian delivering a spontaneous rendering of a passage from an old masterpiece.

Every person walking out of the theatre was talking about some aspect of the evening, replaying it over and over as they savoured the experience. I am sure more than half will remember that evening for years.

Rush of a Live experience

On the other hand how many of us can recall even half the songs we heard at last month’s concert or show? Go on test yourself. If you remember – Great! We are in the best of times. We are successfully capturing an audience that is getting addicted to the rush of a live experience in a digital world.

If you cannot recall, it’s a time of worry for all of us. Why would someone tear themselves away from their digital devices and brave the crush if it was not worth the joy of immersing yourself in a live show.

The Good news is that we have the equipment and more than a handful of great technicians who when challenged, can produce a really great show.

So let’s all give them an opportunity to shine.

Worst concert experience

We all know that India offers probably the worst concert experiences possible - Traffic, Heat, Jostling, Limited facilities in some really uncomfortable venues.

Promoters spend more time dealing with authorities, staying ahead of ever changing laws, tantrums from all sides, to really concentrate on presenting a great show.

So we in the Event Industry have to work doubly hard to keep our audience engaged and have them coming back.

Audiences for Live Entertainment are out there. If all the stakeholders - Including Government (Both in their role as Tax Collectors, Security Standard Bearers & Venue Controllers), Private Venue Owners (and increasingly Venue Operators) and Event producers come together and must work out a formula where everybody gets a fair and CONTINOUS return. Only then will everybody’s minds get focussed on investing rather than concentrating on making a fast buck.

Star is the sport

It has been heartbreaking to see so many Indians ‘almost’ making it at the Olympics. A popular journalist was hugely derided for stating some facts in an ‘unpleasant’ way. The sad fact was that in the furore that followed, the original message / plea for our powers that be to accept that our athletes may need some assistance to cross that line onto the medals podium - was totally lost.

Another fact lost on most people was that within the huge social media condemnation - I did not see, nor was there any highlight on any contribution by anybody connected with the Olympics, who could have actually made a difference.

Is it that both are sportsmen’s management teams and our sports authorities have not woken up to the power of social media to effect change by focussing spotlights on the issues.

Why is it that when any sports person (including cricketers) who call out to our democratic public to ask for our votes and voices - they are usually met with silence. It stands to reason that most sportsmen want to get ahead and WIN. So why can’t we give them what they need to win.

Am I digressing ? I believe that sports is a huge opportunity for the event Industry. But like in the Film industry and in the Cricket world - we need to create stars. Would Bollywood or Cricket be half as successful without Sharukh, Salman or Sachin?

Talent is the show

Within our Live Sports and Event industry we need to create a set of Superstars. Develop their talents, promote them hugely and create an infrastructure where a huge number of PAYING public can enjoy an evening with family and come home better for the experience.

A whole eco system of service providers and talented young people can make useful careers and the government can generate serious revenue if only we can all find an umbrella to gather under.

We need a Steve Jobs type superstar to lead the way. Come on - somebody fancy themselves and step up!

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