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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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‘We’ or ‘I’ ?

The Human Race Vs a Virus. The most Evolved of Life’s forms battling against the Basest. Like in any war – Nobody has a clear idea on who is winning and more worryingly – what the state of Battlefield will be after the battle ends one way or another.  

Right now we all assume that our scientific prowess will prevail as soon as we figure out how to combat the virus on its terms.

By and large our industry is only a mute observer as this is played out over the world. We, action oriented sorts used to working under impossible deadlines and used to figuring out how to meet so many conflicting demands have been told to simply just shut down and sit on our hands.

Not just our businesses and work places, but also all but the most basic of our body systems.

No need to think, plan or plot. None of us has a clue on what to plan for and when we can even think of implementing.

Our creativity, energy and our need to do stuff has to be channelled into ‘Learning Series over the Net’. Full marks for everybody who got up and running so quickly. Sharing so generously of their knowledge.  Time everybody has.

All was well until that bloody ‘what if’ gene raised his hand.  Yes that same one that gets me into trouble now and again. 

This Virus – has at least temporarily – made all of those learning’s redundant.  As useful as those learning’s are, it looks like we not going to get a chance to implement anything for many months.

So that irritating bugger impudently sits on my shoulder and asks me ‘What you going to do until then?’

I have watched with alarm when a few respected colleagues have slashed payrolls, rentals and in some extreme cases actually shut down businesses.  All bravely making promises that they ‘Will Be Back!’ 

I am sure they will.  It was their spirit and energy that led them to set up their companies in the first place.  Barring some very terrible circumstances (‘Ovairu Ovairu’ – That’s  Parsi for asking the Gods to never let it happen) I have full faith that they will find a way for themselves when the time comes.

Great – What about Now?

Let me have a stab at it – here’s what I think.  Hope it helps you form some ideas of your own.

Everybody talks of a ‘NEW NORMAL’.  Everybody talks loosely that it will include social distancing and a huge reliance on the WEB.  Ok – so then what?   Do you realise that makes almost 50% of us redundant.

Methinks the First thought in our minds should be – Do I do this alone and in isolation of everybody else.


Every one of us is in this together.  Venues, Equipment Manufacturers, The whole supply chain, Designers, Rental Companies and down to the ground technicians.

All of us are affected and it may make sense to create a system where each one finds a place.

Everybody talks of a ‘NEW NORMAL’. Everybody talks loosely that it will include social distancing. Ok – so then what? Do you realise that makes almost 50% of us redundant.

I understand that traditionally we Indians are sceptical about collaborating.  We as a race feel more comfortable in smaller organisations where we depend on fewer people and prefer to work in tight circles.

But I guess this gives us an opportunity to open our eyes and reach around us for support.

I saw an alarming post where a senior opinion shaper of our industry calls for an ‘abandon ship, each man for himself’ approach.  My take is that perhaps that approach works when the ship is doomed and there is no chance of saving her from the depths.

I’d like to think this is a blip for humankind and we will survive.  The question is ‘In What Form ‘?

I’d like to believe that a few of the thought leaders can share some ideas on how ALL us can survive this is some form – so that when we can open for full business – ALL of us will be there to build our businesses and livelihoods again.

Think.  Even if we have the resources to last through this by ourselves.  Is it better to be marooned on an island and then swim to the mainland when the storm passes?  Rebuild from scratch.

 Or does it make sense to stay on the mainland, keep our house in shape and the fields ready so that when it is safe to emerge – we are up and ready to go from Day 1.

It’s easy to say let’s all go web based.  But if our venues all close down and get re purposed in this time – where are you going to stage your events?

It’s easy to say put everybody on Half salary.  Can our guys survive?  Our well trained staff may drift away.  Who will operate our equipment when the shows come on again?

Does it not make sense for a collective of the senior to somehow re purpose our people and staff temporarily so that we can make enough to survive this phase.  But with an eye to the future.  Ensuring that all of us are enabled roll as soon as it’s safe to rock.

That’s what the title of the article asks you to think about.  

Are WE going to think about collectively saving ourselves and our industry or will you prefer ‘I Will Survive on my own’.

Here’s a tiny example. Rather than keep all Hotel Ballrooms shut.  Let’s ask if we can sell them at say a 30 % capacity that will allow social distancing.  Turn arounds will be quicker.  Our People will manage some of that and support the hotels teams.  Smaller equipment and resources.   Perhaps we can all make 30 – 50% (due to quicker turn a rounds). It’s something for everybody.   Our marketing teams work is sync selling the project as a concept – and not individual companies.  Utopian? 

Sure – It’s never happened before.  But then we were never hit by this kind of virus before.  There is talk about a risk of sudden shut downs at any time.  This system could build in a shock proof system where the risk is distributed over a larger bunch rather than fall on any one unlucky head.

There is so much talk of slashing any extras and focussing on essentials. Great. Unless your entire livelihood is based on somebody’s taste for the extravagant.  I’m not talking High end watches here.   I’m talking decent restaurants that have become part of our lifestyles.  You are down to ZERO.

Restaurants capacities may need to come down – but can’t they work some system out? Perhaps if everybody just order ahead ?  Or if restaurants could trim menus, in consultation with their neighbours. The limited clientele can be distributed, staffing and supplies can be easily managed and waste trimmed.

Please don’t strip down these ideas and dismiss them.  I am not an expert in your trade.  But think like that.  If the tech manufacturers figure out that it does not make sense to ‘make.’

Can their facilities be re tooled for maintenance?    Could that work?   Yes it’s outside the ordinary and it’s not normal.

But that is the point of this article.  To urge all of us to step outside of ourselves, open our minds and create the ‘New Normal’.

The New Normal of our choosing rather than have it created for us by somebody who has no understanding of our business and no respect for our lives.  Our lives and careers that define us and   that all of us have worked so hard to create.


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