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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Synergy Technologies Delivers Flawless Visual Experiences At MLF & Daly College

The iconic Daly College building structure stands engulfed in stunning 3D Projection Mapping by Synergy Technologies

As a leading equipment rental and creative solutions service provider; Synergy Technologies has built a formidable reputation of offering world-class, high-performance visual technology services for live events of all scales and applications. It is this very distinction that has won the Mumbai-based company the honour of commissioning several grandiose and visually awe-inspiring projects that have taken place over the course of the past few years.

"As a comprehensive visual solutions company, our team has always been ready to push the envelope when it comes to in bringing new and exciting concepts to life," says Chirag Patel - founder and director of Synergy Technologies, as he noted that most of the projects commissioned by his company emphasize the creative use of technology and art to bring together an experience that leaves an indelible mark on the audience.

Chirag's observations stand to be true when reviewing two of the most recent novel live performance endeavours that the company was engaged for.

The Mumbai Light Festival

The iconic Daly College building structure stands engulfed in stunning 3D Projection Mapping by Synergy Technologies

Arguably the most ambitious satellite event from the MLF, Synergy Technologies commissioned a stellar visual technology solution for the event; with the ultimate intent of doing thorough justice to the quality and scale of the mesmerizing art content being presented by the stellar artists.

An intellectual property of the Floating Canvas Company, and supported by the Ministry of Culture (Govt. Of India); the Mumbai Light Festival (MLF) has been envisioned as a one-of-its-kind celebration of lights that becomes a fixture in Mumbai's cultural calendar. A platform for artists from India and abroad who are doing path-breaking work with light as a medium, MLF's goal is to establish itself as a public arts festival that is global in ambition, scale and execution. The project kickstarted with the 'MLF Satellite', which are teaser events that are meant to provide a glimpse of that magical space that lies at the intersection of art and technology - a sort of intimate prelude to build excitement for the much grander full-fledged MLF which is scheduled for March, 2023.

In December of 2022, the Mumbai Light Festival commissioned its third Satellite edition, which took place from the 13th to the 22nd of the month at Mumbai's renowned G5A Warehouse. Titled IMMERSE, the event showcased two audiovisual acts that brought together diverse artists, genres and influences; crafting uniquely immersive experiences for the audience. The first audiovisual act titled 'Once upon a time...' depicted the reimagining of a Gond folktale through the art of Padma Shri-awardee Durgabai Vyam, one of the leading names in the Pardhan Gond tradition of tribal art. Brought to life by ace animator Vishwesh Menon and set to the hypnotic tunes of Bana, a three-string fiddle played by Pardhan Gonds, the act attempted to push the boundaries of representing India's vast wealth of traditional lore and art forms.

On the other hand, the second act, titled 'Overture', was a collaborative effort between visual artist Aniruddh Mehta (BigFat) and music tech expert Aaron Pereira (Myles). An abstract and compelling experience combining plush gradients, complex geometries, polyrhythmic sounds and ambient textures, this act was designed and put-together to be an unforgettable sonic and visual extravaganza. Arguably the most ambitious satellite event from the MLF, the organizers decided to partner with Synergy Technologies to commission all of the visual technology solutions for the event; with the ultimate intent of doing thorough justice to the quality and scale of the content being presented by the respective artists. The Synergy Technologies team, led by Chirag Patel, wasted no time in putting together a plan of action to bring the organizers' and artists' vision to life.

"This project gave us an opportunity to work very closely with renowned personalities like Durga Bai, Vishwesh Menon, Aniruddh Mehta and Aaron Pereira - and the rest of the artists and management crew - all of whom share a common zeal of exploring new boundaries of art. Through our multiple discussions with the organizers, we absorbed their vision for the Mumbai Light Festival, and their objective to deliver a truly unique visual spectacle. This would be the first time ever that heritage Gond artwork would be presented through the use of digital technologies; and therefore, attention to detail reigned as a priority. We knew from the onset that we had to be extra careful with the colours, brightness, contrast and viewing distance to ensure that the artwork presented by the fantastic artists create the desired visual impact. And for this, we had several discussions and meetings to mutually decide on what to choose for showcasing the art." comments Chirag.

Delving into the details of how they approached the planning and commissioning of the event; Chirag reveals that the key to bringing the artists' and organizers' vision to life was to deploy a set of technologies and systems that would optimize the room dimensions in a way that audiences would be engulfed in a truly immersive environment as soon as they set foot within the space where the art was being presented.

"With the G5A warehouse space being specifically designed to host art exhibitions and installations; we realized that the intimate space would eventually offer a very short viewing distance for the audience; especially considering that the artworks sported a very high pixel resolution of 12672 (W) x 1920 (H). Also, due to height restrictions at the venue, we realized that comprehensive immersive projection would lead to multiple shadows being cast on the artwork itself, thereby compromising the viewing experience for the audience. We presented the findings of our analysis to the organizers and offered to conduct a simulation at our warehouse. After a bit of back and forth, we collaboratively decided to deploy our newly acquired 2.6mm LED screens from ATENTI that would act as the main canvas for the artwork; in conjunction with multiple 20k laser projectors from Christie that would map the floor."

The immersive AV display of avant-garde artistic works capture the crowd's imagination at the Mumbai Light Festival

Considering the rather limited period of time allotted for setup and system check, team Synergy Tech swiftly deployed over 1200sq.ft consisting of the 2.6mm LED screens perfectly aligned and arranged to offer seamless panoramic viewing; with multiple units of the powerful and virtuous Novastar MX40 Pro deployed to offer comprehensive image processing, image adjustment and overall display control. Additionally, multiple units of 20k laser projectors from Christie were deployed to encapsulate the floor space in visually stunning artwork that offered a truly immersive experience; with matrix switching achieved through multiple units of 4k HDMI matrix routers from Lightware, and Dataton's Watchout providing unparalleled creative control over the projection material.

Team Synergy Tech's quick and precision driven system setup and control not only allowed the artists enough time and dexterity to render their respective content accurately, but also ensured a flawless and rather hypnotic viewing experience of the mesmerizing artwork on display throughout the 10 scheduled days of the event. Aagam Mehta, co-founder of the Floating Canvas Company, elatedly shares his feedback about working with team Synergy Tech as he comments, "For us, working with Synergy Technologies was key to pulling off this immersive art experience successfully. Not only was Chirag involved in the project from the very beginning, but his crucial inputs and advice regarding the kind of hardware to go with, ensured that our vision for the event came to life in the best way possible!"

A special conceptual live theatrical performance on the life of Buddha witnessed the iconic Daly College building structure being engulfed in stunning 3D Projection Mapping - all of which was curated and commissioned by Synergy Technologies.

Indore's iconic Daly College is a centenarian co-educational residential and day boarding institution with a glorious history of promoting excellence in academics and co-curricular virtues. Established during the 'British Raj'; the sprawling campus is a striking sight given its stately architecture; and the institute building itself is considered an architectural marvel that has managed to stand the test of time.

Every year in the month of December, the institute commissions a grand week-long celebration in honour of its founding, which is followed by the annual prize distribution ceremony and a cultural programme. 2022 marked 152 glorious years of the institute's continuation; and to make the celebrations truly memorable, the institute's management spared no stone unturned in putting together a spectacle that would remain etched in the minds and hearts of all who gathered to witness the annual prize distribution ceremony and cultural programme.

With the imminent Mr. Jyotiraditya Scindia, Union Minister of Civil Aviation, gracing the 152nd annual prize distribution function of Daly College, as chief guest, the grand event witnessed students bring awarded medals and trophies for their achievement in academics and co-curricular activities throughout the year. At the same time, the cultural program saw students presenting various dance styles including folk and western - all of which was appreciated whole-heartedly by the guests and attendees.

The various performances did invigorate a sense of great festivity, no doubt. However, the one singular aspect of the event that truly captivated the audiences and guests with its majestic exuberance and never-before-witnessed creative acumen was a special conceptual performance that witnessed the Daly College structure being engulfed in stunning visuals and moving art content - all of which was curated and commissioned by Synergy Technologies.

Team Synergy Technologies, led by Chirag, pulled out all the stops in ensuring that the audiences were treated to a visual extravaganza like no other, as Chirag and his team invested several hours in working closely with the chief conceptualizer and choreographer of the cultural event - Mr. Sumeet Nagdev - in understanding the overall vision for the content to be mapped out.

The special performance - a live theatrical on the life of Buddha - was scheduled to be the event show-stopper, wherein a team of live musicians (students) were chalked out to perform on the terrace section of the first-floor of the building structure, while the story content would be narrated live by a student located a level above the terrace. The entire performance had to be synced in perfection to the visual content mapped onto the building - which together was expected to be a harmonious and consistent high-quality viewing experience for the audience. In addition to putting together all of the technological systems to bring this vision to life, team Synergy Tech were also entrusted with the responsibility of creating all of the 3D projection mapping content in ultra-high-definition resolution to offer the best possible 'big-picture' viewing experience.

As expectations from team Synergy Tech rode high, they adopted a meticulous approach. Chirag informs, "We started off by first commissioning a thorough analysis of the Daly College building structure - spending several hours precisely measuring every single architectural nuance of the building facade. Once this data was secured, the team ran several virtual simulations to understand the precise system configuration and projector deployment points that would ensure the entire building facade being covered seamlessly to offer a stable and continuous viewing experience. Finally, we reviewed every minute detail of the script and music cues of the performance and stitched together the impeccable visual content that would resonate perfectly with the performance".

152nd Annual Ceremony At Daly College Indore

Vibrant and vivid, the 3D projection mapping over Daly College building's facade leaves no stone unturned in celebrating the colleges' 152nd anniversary with pomp and grandeur.

For the event itself, team Synergy Technologies deployed a total of 8 units of the D20WU-HS high-performance projectors from Christie; double-stack mounted (4 on 4) at specific points relative to the structure to comprehensively cover the entire facade, without any image overlaps or drop spots. A total of 8 units of the HDMI20-OPTJ-TX/RX90 optical extenders from Lightware were deployed in conjunction with the projectors to ensure relay of uncompressed ultra-high-quality content; with end-to-end management of the projected content achieved through Dataton's Watchout.

Needless to say, the performance turned out to be a grand success, with the guests and the audience expressing their sincerest appreciation through rousing applause and thunderous ovation. Sumeet Nagdev shares due credit of the success with Synergy Technologies as he comments, "We shared a deep level of trust in Chirag and his team since day one. We chose Synergy Technologies as our partner, mainly because of their level of passion and commitment when it comes to the quality of the projects they commission, and of course, their stellar work ethic. Team Synergy Technologies were absolutely brilliant to work with; and together we ensured that we pulled off a truly flawless visual spectacle that was enjoyed and appreciated by one and all."


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