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Articles May-June 2023

Lolllapalooza India: Time To Be Great New!

Viraf Pocha, Director, Landmark Productions, breaks down the intricate audio, video, and lighting deployment by several big names in the pro sound, audiovisual, and lighting industry that made Lollapalooza a massive hit with the visitors. read more

Articles May-June 2023

Cover Story: Inside Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre New!

PALM Technology sheds more 'light' on the pro lighting technology that adds an exceptional luminance to every inch of The Grand Theatre. IES, spearheaded by Rasesh Parekh, illuminates the venue with lights that spell resplendence. read more

Articles Mar-Apr 2023

Martin's New RGBW Light Engine Propults Compact, Brighter Wash Light Series New!

Mark Mercer-Buss, Martin Global Product Line Manager of Entertainment Lighting, delves deep into how the Martin ELP PAR/ELP PAR IP and Martin ERA 150 Wash Lights elevate the Martin Lighting portfolio. read more

Articles Mar-Apr 2023

Patna's Auditorium Gets New Audio System From SOUNDXPERTS New!

Punjab-based SOUNDXPERTS delivered a complete turnkey solution for Patna Women's College auditorium, including pro audio, video, lighting, control, acoustics, seating, and flooring. Sun Infonet supplied leading brands for prestigious project execution. read more

Articles Mar-Apr 2023

AV-ICN 2023 Show Preview: Strong Sentiment for AV-ICN to Establish New!

The AV-ICN Expo 2023 is a stand-alone Expo in Hall 2 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Nesco, Mumbai. The AV-ICN Show Preview offers a sneak peek at audiovisual products, technologies, and innovations on display at the show floor this year. read more

Articles Mar-Apr 2023

CAVS, Ahmedabad Elevates INDIAN AV EDUCATION Landscape To New Heights New!

The third edition of CAVS proved once again that when it comes to carving a niche in fields such as audiovisual and integration networking, the sky is the limit. read more

Articles Mar-Apr 2023

Are Global Integrators Reshaping the INDIAN AV INDUSTRY? New!

Global integrators establishing in India are sourcing highly experienced AV professionals from Indian system integrators and AV consultancy companies. Executing large projects worldwide from India, the Indian AV industry is being reshaped to compete for international projects. AV-ICN's Editorial Assistant Ritika Pandey analyses the churn impacting Indian AV industry. read more

Articles Mar-Apr 2023

State-Of-The-Art Technology Set To Be Unveiled At PALM Expo 2023 New!

From premium microphones to cutting-edge stage lighting fixtures, from superlative loudspeakers to ever-reliable cables and connectors - the trade show floor at PALM Expo 2023 promises to bring into spotlight the cream-of-the-crop products from the pro audio and lighting industry. PALM + AV-ICN offers a glimpse into what this edition of India's biggest stage sound, professional lighting, rigging, and trussing trade show has to offer to its visitors. read more

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Udaipur City Palace Comes Alive with Splat Studio & Dataton

Splat Studio makes use of Dataton's Watchout software to highlight India's culture and heritage on the palace's facade

A grand start to a grand affair: Udaipur City Palace appears animated with 3D projection mapping as it opens its doors for the G20 Summit delegates

The G20 Sherpa Meet in Udaipur, India witnessed a congregation of world leaders, who partook in key conversations on sustainable lifestyle, technological transformations, and more. The City of Lakes - the host of the G20 Sherpa Meet - is already a heritage enthusiast's delight. But, the need of the hour was to enthrall the visitors with an immersive display of the above-mentioned heritage, but with a tinge of trailblazing technology. Splat Studio, a multidisciplinary design studio, took to hand the task of beautifying the historical walls of the Udaipur City Palace with 3D projection mapping using Dataton's Watchout software. PALM + AV-ICN spoke to Hitesh Kumar, Managing Director, Splat Studio to understand how the concept of 3D projection mapping was brought to life onto the walls of the palace.

The Initial Conceptualization:

For a seasoned design studio, it is a matter of immense glory to be associated with a large-scale project such as the G20 summit. Hitesh Kumar confirms the same as she talks about Splat Studio being approached for the project, "Splat Studio is in this industry from past 11 years and over time we have been blessed to develop strong relationships with our clientele and market value for the quality of work we deliver. Due to the reputation that we hold, our old client brought us on board for G20 projection - Udaipur City Palace."

Twelve Barco UDX-4K40 projectors used alongside Dataton's Watchout software resulted in a breathtaking 3D projection mapping at the venue

The team at Splat Studio was tasked with creating a short but mesmerizing opening sequence for the G20 Sherpa Meet, highlighting Rajasthan's culture and heritage, underlined with futuristic innovations that are helping the state move forward with a fusion of tradition and technology. Kumar comments on the brief Splat Studio received from the client, "G20 Sherpa's Meet needed an enthralling opening segment to highlight Rajasthan's rich cultural heritage, as well as the country's emerging technology ecosystem and commitment to sustainable development goals. With the short brief provided, we were able to build a 5-minute show to mesmerize our delegates. This project was conceptualized and delivered in record 15 days, start to finish."

Channeling Challenges Into Unique Opportunities:

As is the norm, the team at Splat Studio performed a recee of the site - the Udaipur City Palace. The observations made by the team presented several challenges when it came to delivering a noteworthy 3D projection mapping. Hitesh Kumar recalls, "Our team went to the site and 3D scanned the facade for the projection and created an accurate digital replica, the key ingredient of our delivery. The facade was humongous and architecturally so intricate, that it took us two whole days to finish the 3D scanning."

He adds, "Considering the audience seating arrangement was quite a challenge as the distance between seating and the facade was quite packed, also spread lengthwise, so there was no single point of view (for 3D projection to work, we have to have a single point of view) so visualization had to consider this. Also, because people were seated close and there was ambient light, the projection resolution and the projector luminosity was an important factor, and we decided to use the best available option for both of these variables."

It took two days for Splat Studio to finish the 3D scanning for Udaipur City Palace_web

But, the team's unending dedication towards the profession allowed it to turn these challenges into opportunities. Kumar shares how the Splat Studio team accomplished the same, "The complexity of the facade was the major challenge, and we needed considerable time to develop the template required to begin the work. But the team stayed overnight at the site and made every minute count to bring the template to completion and ensure that the venue's limitations do not limit the precision and perfection of the 3D projection mapping."

Kumar adds that the audiovisual software and equipment used in the project played a major role in its success, "We used Barco UDX-4K40 projectors along with Dataton's Watchout 6.6 mapping for the show. In order to cover the facade, six projectors were needed. However, to boost the illumination, we double-stacked the projectors, making the projector count reach to twelve."

The Trajectory For The Indian AV Industry:

As India continues to rely more and more on audiovisual technology and software to attract a larger footfall to several events and deliver enchanting, immersive experiences to the visitors, the country will also continue to depend on multidisciplinary design studios like Splat Studio and AV software stalwarts like Dataton to put together these AV installations from behind-the-scenes.

Talking about the promising trajectory that the Indian AV industry is moving forward on, Hitesh Kumar shares a remark filled with optimism, "The AV industry has steadily grown over the years, and the demand for good quality experiences has only grown with it, because of the technological upgrades and the exposure. People expect better experiences, and technology access has also become much easier. We expect that in the next five years, we would not only be creating world class experiences here in India, but also deliver our professional services in this domain across the globe. The technology development will also enable us to go further and create world standards."

For now, Kumar is ecstatic that Splat Studio's 3D projection mapping, accomplished the right way with Dataton's Watchout 6.6 has garnered praise from everyone present at the G20 Sherpa Meet. She concludes, "It was a pleasure to work at such a prominent occasion, and we feel fortunate that we were able to play a significant part in the G20 Sherpa's meeting because our 3D projection mapping was the star of the show and received praise and appreciation from everyone."

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