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Articles July-August 2023

The Accidental Lighting Designer New!

Lloyd Albuquerque, in a conversation with PALM Magazine, reveals his foray and plans as the go-to "light guy" in the pro lighting industry. read more

Articles July-August 2023

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Articles July-August 2023

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Articles July-August 2023

Post Show Review: 11th PALM Sound and Light Awards New!

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Articles July-August 2023

AV-ICN Expo's AV Architect of the Year New!

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Bringing Futuristic AV Ideas To Life

How EYTE upgraded Wadala Monorail Depot's Boardroom in a week

MMRDA, responsible for promoting, monitoring, and developing various sectors in Maharashtra, including, but not limited to transport, housing, water supply and more, entrusted EYTE to revamp and upgrade Wadala Monorail Depot's Boardroom with state-of-the-art AV infrastructure. Abdul Waheed, Managing Director, EYTE Technologies Pvt Ltd, in conversation with PALM Technology, reveals how his team transformed the visage and acoustics of the boardroom and managed to execute the impossible feat in a matter of seven days.

Wadala Monorail Depots Boardroom

When Abdul Waheed and his team first stepped into Wadala Monorail Depot's Boardroom, it looked like, in Waheed's own words, "a typical looking old government office which needed a revamp." But when EYTE Technologies Pvt Ltd set out to accomplish the mammoth task, obstacles and hurdles presented themselves almost instantly.

Transforming The Boardroom's Aesthetics & Acoustics - From Square One

The world of AV is ever-evolving, always updating. Keeping up with the latest AV trends and technologies is not a cakewalk, and the Wadala Monorail Depot's Boardroom, according to Abdul Waheed, was no exception. He shares that the boardroom just had "an old projector, projecting on a concrete wall." He adds, "Though the meeting room was extensively used, it was never upgraded with time to meet today's design needs with regards to productivity and efficiency."

The MMRDA invited EYTE Technologies Pvt Ltd to redesign the boardroom and equip it with the latest AV tools and technologies. Waheed recalls, "Various rounds of discussion took place to explain to the client the importance of having a good AV system at the venue. The basic requirements which were shortlisted included local speech reinforcement for the 20-seater meeting room, local presentation and video conferencing system using soft codec, and designing the 45ft x 22ft space with open windows on the side with wall-centred acoustical treatments and enhance the sound reinforcement in the space."

EYTE performed acoustical tests and used ease simulation to acoustically treat the space's walls. The results strengthened MMRDA's confidence in EYTE's capabilities to deliver the best-in-class AV set-up and it asked EYTE to overtake the entire AV design of the boardroom. But the challenge had just begun.

Getting The Boardroom AV-Ready In 7 Days

Over a period of one month, EYTE conducted several site surveys, attended countless discussion rounds, collated inputs from various departments at MMRDA, and presented the company's POC for numerous solutions related to AV and acoustics. But the shocker was yet to kick in. Waheed shared, "Never imagined that after this long, time-consuming process, in view of forthcoming festival, the Commissioner may demand the inauguration in one week's time."

But EYTE was determined to not be deterred by challenges such as this one. Instead, the team looked at the challenge as an opportunity to showcase its expertise and experience in the field of AV. Abdul Waheed comments, "EYTE team prepared the project schedule for approval from the project team, which showed a plan of 20 days. The MMRDA team wanted to go with Commissioner's word to complete the entire project that involved the change of ceiling, AC work, acoustical treatments of wall and flooring, lighting and AV works. EYTE accepted the challenge and planned the entire project completion accordingly."

And So, It Began...

AV installations at the Wadala Monorail Depot's Boardroom included a projection screen for video conferencing and presentation, video displays to support video reinforcement, cameras to track and capture participant movement, ceiling-mounted speakers to enhance programmed audio and local speech reinforcement, table microphones along with handheld microphones to use for audio pickup, AV switching devices inside AV racks to ensure effective operation of the entire AV system.

The acoustic installations involved wall reinforcement of the left, right, and backside wall, grid and gypsum ceiling, acoustic treatment on glass wind and carpet flooring. Apart of this, 2x2 lighting fixtures were placed in grid ceiling and 8" lighting fixtures were placed in gypsum ceilings along with profile and cove lights on ceiling borders.

How long did it take for the entire revamp to finish? Abdul Waheed recounts, "It took 3 days to complete the interior work, 2 days for acoustic & lighting, and 2 days for AV installation. It was such a great boost for EYTE Technologies, to be able to complete a project in a week's time. The continuous day and night work efforts of the team at EYTE made the project completion possible in 7 days and on the 8th day, the site was inaugurated."

Waheed continues, "The entire MMRDA team was stunned to see this happen, as many of their seniors visited the site during construction, and based on their prior experience, every single person said that the task is impossible."

Final Words

Working on a government AV project is massively different from working on a corporate AV project. Waheed agrees and adds, "In India, a government project is different in comparison to a corporate project since the project decisions, installations, and the hierarchical processes are very time consuming. The complete government project timelines are sometimes 5-10 times slower than a corporate project. The success stories of EYTE in corporate areas are already known in the AV industry, but our experience in this government project is phenomenal too."

Congratulating the team at EYTE at the massive success, Waheed says, "Converting ideas into experiences always gives one the sense of achievement. But this task gave the entire EYTE team a mesmerising experience. The entire Monorail team thanked team EYTE for its outstanding commitment and wished success in all its future endeavours."

EYTE's tireless dedication and outstanding expertise in the field of AV reflects well in the Wadala Monorail Depot's Boardroom Revamp. The results are a testimony to the excellence and innovation that EYTE brings to the table, every single time.


  • BenQ Projector
  • Liberty fixed screen
  • Sennheiser Microphones
  • Aten Switches
  • Audio-Technica DSP
  • AUDAC amplifiers
  • Legrand Cable Management Systems

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