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Articles July-August 2023

Epson Captures Big Screen Mapping Projector's Demand at AV-ICN Expo New!

Yoshino San shared Epson's strategy, purpose, and exhibit display theme at AV-ICN expo with Chopra San. read more

Articles July-August 2023

Post Show Review: 11th PALM Sound and Light Awards New!

PALM Sound & Light Awards honoured deserving individuals and companies from the pro sound and lighting industry in its 11th edition. read more

Articles July-August 2023

AV-ICN Expo's AV Architect of the Year New!

In a dramatic moment at the 11th PALM Sound & Light Awards, Founder Anil Chopra announced Kelvin Ashby-King the 'AV Architect of the Year' 2023. read more

Articles July-August 2023

PALM Expo 2023 Achieves Recognition from Global Brands New!

PALM Expo 2023 returned with its 21st edition, drawing exhibitors and at¬tendees from around the globe, simultaneously placing the Indian pro audio and lighting indus¬try on the map. read more

Articles July-August 2023

Pro AV Mass Market Momentum Emphasizes AV-ICN Expo Success New!

AV-ICN Expo 2023 took place at the BEC, Mumbai, once again marking its presence as the torchbearer for the AV industry in India. read more

Articles May-June 2023

BenQ LH730 - The Next Revolution in High Brightness LED Projection New!

BenQ's 4LED High Brightness Projector is a game changer in education and the corporate customer segments that ensures a never-seen-before image clarity and increased lifespan. read more

Articles May-June 2023

Christie Griffyn Series Delivers Game-Changing Solution for Large-Venue Projections New!

A Christie representative explains why the Christie Griffyn Series is an all-in-one solution for large venue projections as one of the smallest, lightest, and brightest RGB series available. read more

Articles May-June 2023

EYTE Technologies Pvt Ltd Brings AV Hybrid Classroom for Indira Group, Pune New!

EYTE Technologies Pvt Ltd transforms the learning ways with the installation of cutting-edge AV systems at Indira Group of Institutes Management College. read more

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Milind Raorane Sets the Tone at ToyRoom Mumbai

ToyRoom outfitted its second outpost in Mumbai with Electro-Acoustic Design Consultant Milind Raorane to deploy a comprehensive Sound and Audio design that would enhance the unapparelled ambience of the nightclub. PALM +AV-ICN Reports.

Outline Mantas-28 FOH were deployed on the axis to complement the proactive playfulness of the space

Outline Mantas-28 FOH were deployed on the axis to complement the proactive playfulness of the space

Located in Kalina, Mumbai, Toy-Room Mumbai is established on the premises of the vibrant and stylish Grand Hyatt, one of Mumbai's sophisticated leisure and business destinations. ToyRoom Mumbai is the second project in India, launched after the success of its first outpost at Aerocity in Delhi.

ToyRoom is popularly known for its exciting nightclub experience focusing on delivering premium hospitality while retaining its proactive playfulness. The design and conceptualization bring an upscale sensation in Mumbai that progresses from a high-energy bar into a hip-hop bar as the night sets.

ToyRoom is present in eight different countries and is recognized as one of the biggest and hottest UK-based international entertainment brands, operating in London, Dubai, Istanbul, Rome, Mykonos, Athens, Sau Paulo and now India. ToyRoom was brought to India by Ashis & Sikha Begwania with Hospitality Entrepreneur Akshay Anand.

Since 2018 Milind Raorane, Electro-Acoustic Design Consultant at Soundframe, has been working with Akshay Anand - Campbell Lounges & Beverages as an Interventional Acoustic Consultant, helping the team eradicate real-time errors. For this project, Raorane was consulting on acoustic and sound solutions. Milind provided his expertise in the Delhi outlet of ToyRoom, the success of which landed him an offer to design the acoustics and audio for the Mumbai ToyRoom project.

ToyRoom houses the ultimate setting for chic, fashionable party-goers with a fluid bar that acts as a central focal point with multiple dancing platforms. Reproducing the London flagship, edgy hip-hop-inspired graffiti murals cover the walls with indulgent cocktails, decadent interiors, and slightly liberated 'Frank the Bear' as their mascot delivering an unparalleled ambience from any other nightclub in India

The club holds a capacity of 450-person and has quirky interiors that complement the aesthetics of ToyRoom. The layout encompasses a grand entrance lobby with a merchandise area, and ornate with an art piece on the right is a ToyRoom rendition of the classic Last Supper painting. The narrow passage of the lobby leads towards an L-shaped main hall with a big curvilinear island bar with Frank- The ToyRoom Mascot on the entire bar front, which has approximately 2000 teddy bears stuffed in it. The club stands out internationally for placing children's toys in an entertainment setting for adults, bringing out the contrast between innocence and naughtiness.

ToyRoom Club incorporated with edgy hip-hop inspired graffiti murals and a fluid bar with multiple dancing platforms

ToyRoom Club incorporated with edgy hip-hop inspired graffiti murals and a fluid bar with multiple dancing platforms

The USP of the space has DMX controlled ceiling light that syncs with the music, which turns around the ambience at night and gives an upmarket and elevated vibe to the place. There is a disco cloud lighting feature that dissipates millions of fractal light dots onto the entire space highlighting the eclectic interiors. The club has several VIP corners colligated with the main hall that adds exclusive vibes and a separate private lounge on the upper level for hosting larger gatherings overlooking the main hall. Milind started conceptualizing the design in May 2021 and overcame several challenging hurdles to install and calibrate the system, which took eight months to complete amid the second wave of the pandemic. By December 2021, the club was ready for people to experience the nightlife at ToyRoom Mumbai.

The challenging aspect of this project was to deduce a rugged sound design that would offer dispersion and coverage with no spillage of sound beyond the club premises. The prime task for Milind was to craft a solution that would enable sound abatement whilst maintaining optimum frequency.

"In the earlier run, Hyatt has faced severe noise-conduction issues. ToyRoom Mumbai is inside Hyatt premises, surrounded by guests accommodating the building and various offices adjacent to the club, which created a challenge to execute the high-energy club's sound architecture and design. Sound design is an aspect we enrolled in later as the project progressed with installation and calibration," said, Milind.

Milind had received ACAD drawings and 3D renders of the club's premises for a better understanding. The Hyatt team also shared the structural layout and details of the noise-conduction issues with him. Milind said, "Sound-Isolation design in a pre-existing establishment is a tight rope because the structural load and space to build additional barriers are limited. There are existing services of the primary structure that one can't change or negotiate," he further adds, "the acoustic isolation walls were built first to be followed by interior design details. The ceiling was sprayed with acoustic plaster for reverberation control and made a customized acoustic door for the main entrance. We formed an "air-lock lobby"at the entrance to mitigate the sound escaping the main entrance that doubles up as a hostess desk."

BSS-BLU100 DSP Controller and Pioneer CDJ2000NXS with DJM900NXS was deployed to deliver explicit tonal quality

BSS-BLU100 DSP Controller and Pioneer CDJ2000NXS with DJM900NXS was deployed to deliver explicit tonal quality

The sound design is unique given the architectural design of the premises. It has an open ceiling design completely occupied with HVAC ducts and theme-mood lighting fixtures. The design layout restricted the deployment of conventional FOH loudspeaker arrangements."We divided the space laterally and created two mirrored zones. The FOH (Mantas28 cluster) is on the same axis facing the DJ (against the conventional practice of placing alongside the DJ). Here we had a fringe benefit of the FOH loudspeakers dualling as Monitors for the DJ. He gets to hear the explicit tonal quality of the sound as the guests on the floor." Said Milind.

The sound system deployed at the club were Outline Mantas-28 -4box per side, Eidos-s218 SUBs 3nos, Outline Eidos-12 Full range tops 4 nos , as side-fills, Eidos-Idos S118 2nos as fill-Subs, Outline X4 3nos AMPs, BSS-BLU100 DSP Controller and Pioneer CDJ2000NXS with DJM900NXS.

"The project was challenging, given the acoustic architecture and the environment of the club, but achieving the right sound and acoustic design that did not compromise the high energy sound in the club space was a fruitful experience," concludes Milind.

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