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Articles September - October 2023

Capturing The True Essence Of Sound New!

From Lewitt Audio's Pure Tube Microphone to Sennheiser's Profile USB Microphone, these studio microphones offer precise audio quality to the users and deliver crisp, clear sound. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Photo Feature: Studio Showcase New!

From A.R. Rahman's studio in Mumbai to composer Raag Sethi's first Dolby-compliant studio in Gujarat, PALM Expo Magazine's Studio Showcase features the latest studios in India. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Mastering The Art Of Sound With Donal Whelan New!

Whelan talks to the PALM Expo Magazine Team and discusses his foray into the world of mastering, his unique experience at the PALM Conference 2023, and more. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Nx Audio Celebrates Two Decades Of Pro Audio Journey New!

Nx Audio completes 20 years of delivering pro audio products for the Indian pro sound industry. Read about Nx Audio's journey over the last two decades. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Mumbai Studio Explores New Verticals With Genelec Monitors New!

The combination of Genelec Smart Active Monitors and digital audio interface delivered an ideal monitoring solution for BOING Recording Studios. read more

Articles September - October 2023

IRAA Awards 2023: Jury Reflections New!

Read about IRAA Jury's perspective on the bigger questions in the music industry - AI for music production, the status of mega consoles, & emerging trends in sound recording & mixing. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Gray Spark Audio Opens New Studio For Academy Students New!

PALM Expo Magazine Team talks to Ronak Runwal to explore how the newly-designed Studio D is poised to become a recording haven for the academy students. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Firdaus Studio: Building A Sonic Paradise For Recording Artists New!

The Firdaus Studio by A.R. Rahman stands as a beacon of innovation in the music production industry. PALM Expo Magazine explores the making of the musical maestro's magnus opus in the recording landscape. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Naveen Deshpande Elevates Stand-Up Comedy with Bespoke Lighting Designs New!

Naveen Deshpande, a renowned lighting designer, made heads turn through his recent collaboration with India's leading stand-up comedian, Zakir Khan, during the latter's international tour. read more

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Sennheiser Initiates #DontStopTheEducation Campaign

Round Table discussions featuring top luminaries of Pro-Audio Industry India

Sennheiser being an Original Equipment Manufacturer, has always given education paramount importance. The company has started providing pro-audio webinars and technical knowledge globally during these difficult times of the COVID-19 lockdown.

With industry veterans, prominent personalities and training professionals sharing their learnings and experience, the webinars have been initiated to upskill the professionals in the industry and provide the relevant technical knowledge that will assist them in the future.

#DontStopTheEducation campaign webinars are conducted virtually and is open for all to attend. Customers from across the world participate in these webinars except for the local webinars (the ones in Hindi) which are conducted for Indian territory only.

COVID-19 impact on the pro-audio market

COVID-19 has disrupted the way the world is functioning today. The entire ecosystem is extremely dynamic in nature. It has naturally impacted Sennheiser’s pro-audio segment as well.

Professionals would want to invest better in technological tools and audio products to enhance communication with customers/audience digitally. The company is also expecting some upgradation in their products soon and also the investment in the AV industry- for which they will share an update.

Local and Global webinars on RF Basics, Antenna System Design, In-Ear Monitoring, Digital Wireless Transmission etc.

The pro market is likely to grow based on factors such as increased technology adoption, transition to Digital Audio, and Smart Solutions like Dante (VOIP).

Initiatives taken by Sennheiser during this lockdown

To support the pro-audio community, and boost their morale, Sennheiser initiated #DontStopTheMusic campaign which was an exclusive streaming concert on Sennheiser’s Instagram channel. They had a line-up of artists such as David Guetta, DJ Madoc, Murthovic, Bob Sinclair, Third Eye Blind amongst others. Through this initiative, Sennheiser encouraged people to support the WHO in its fight against COVID-19.

“We had a few plans in place initially this year which could not see the light of the day due to ongoing pandemic. With respect to that, we had conducted more than 100 webinars (locally & globally put together). Our product managers are doing a brilliant job of training professionals in Hindi as well as regional languages under #DontStopTheEducation campaign. More than 8,000 audio enthusiasts attended it. We have done local webinars in Hindi and conducted local Round Tables involving prominent personalities from India- sharing their journey, career progression, learnings & experiences over the years, challenges faced, their workflow, approach, strategy, tips & tricks. We are planning a few more classes and webinars like these in the coming months,” said Vipin Pungalia, Director, Professional Segment, Sennheiser India.

#DontStopTheEducation Campaign

#DontStopTheEducation is primarily aimed to upskill the company partners, customers and stakeholders to take on industry-relevant technical knowledge that will benefit them in the future. However, the webinar series is free for everyone to register.

These webinars are predominantly conducted by Sennheiser’s CDAE team (Customer Development & Application Engineering), a few are conducted by the Artist-Sound Engineer Relationship Management Team, and a few by the Product Managers etc. via Zoom calls.

The topics covered in these webinars range from live demo of Team Connect Ceiling 2 to installation of evolution wireless G4 systems, to mixing for live sound, to theory behind wireless microphones. Webinars also discuss the best practices for designing antenna systems processes behind big live productions, using real life examples, overview of Sennheiser software for monitoring wireless mic and IEM systems, walkthrough on Digital 6000 series, SpeechLine Digital Wireless, and the basics of digital audio, working with digital transmission and analog v digital. “‘This series of webinars have been, by far, the most helpful during this lockdown,’’ informed one of the sound engineers who attended the webinar. Another sound engineer who attended these sessions spoke about it being quite informative and how these sessions have helped him increase his knowledge and enhance his skills as a sound engineer.

Veteran & well-renowned Sound Engineer Ashish Saksena was the Host for Round Tables conducted in India & top audio professionals such as Samir Kriplani, Vijay Dayal, Dave Drego, Anupam Roy, Tosief Shaikh, Kuber Sharma, Ranjeet Singh, Nasan Fernandes, Anish Purao were amongst those who were panelists in the various Round Tables. Special mention & a big shout-out to Ashish Saksena for being an amazing host & pulling-off these Round Tables impeccably!

According to Vipin, “To support our community and as a way of giving back the love and appreciation we have been receiving, we initiated a campaign #DontStopTheEducation for our customers, partners, and aspiring professionals.”

Celebrating 75 Years

“We had plans to celebrate Sennheiser’s legacy of 75 years which we were not able to go through due to the on-going crisis. We couldn’t celebrate the anniversary as planned; however, we keep initiating get-togethers and fun team activities to further strengthen the bond,” explained Vipin.

Crew call with the teams of Ed Sheeran, Blake Shelton, Mahalia, Tom Walker etc.

“We do have quite a strong network of distributors and channel partners across India who play an extremely crucial role for us in catering to needs of our diverse customers PAN India. As a way to show gratitude to our customers, distributors, channel partners, and thank them for being associated with Sennheiser’s journey in India, we ran a 75th Anniversary Promo offer on selected range of professional headphones and microphones which started in July 2020. Additionally, I’m quite thrilled to announce that we do have some exciting offers lined up for them and will get to know about it soon,” he further added.

Sennheiser has started preparing for a post COVID-19 situation

Currently, Sennheiser is expecting to see a change in consumer behaviour and content consumption patterns. “Brands will come out with products that will seamlessly integrate in the new lifestyle of consumers, as purchase decisions will be rationalised in discretionary categories,” added Vipin.

Global Round Table discussions on Front of House, Theatre, Reality Show, House Of Worship, etc.

“Sennheiser is a family owned company and we have always believed and cultivated the spirit of entrepreneurship. Here, employees are aware about their responsibilities- hence there is no culture of micromanagement. Globally we have provided virtual collaboration trainings for our staff to be effective & efficient. As a company we are encouraging & guiding our employees to focus on self-development and learning by taking online courses. Our employees have been active in taking online courses to upskill themselves. Through this, we are adding value in employees’ productivity, and preparing ourselves for the future,” he concluded.

Sennheiser has a series of webinars lined up which include a wide range of topics, from RF and microphone basics, to roundtable discussions with sound engineers.

To register for these webinars, go to :


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